Is NethServer hard to debug when you have a problem?

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so if we like to help those people who ask what is SSH , we need to use Teamviewer or Ami-Admin IMHO!

So if newby request for helping , he must admit that have no expirience and should write : help me on Teamviewer or somth like this.

“NethServer is an operating system for Linux enthusiasts”… :wink:

What does exactly it mean?

@alefattorini I suggest changing the topic category to “Chat” :smile:

@Nas: please refrain from make such an affermation, thank you

@WillZen: I understand your point of view but I think that you need to improve your knowledge… I mean, I don’t think you are unable to use NS, simply you miss some basic info… no one here know anything about NS few months ago, but most of us know what a FQDN is.
about GUI: NS is aimed to be as user friendly as possible, but you (generally speaking) should know what you are doing and talking about.
Ns is easier to setup and maintain, easy to update and upgrade, but can contain bugs and if you find one, you can help us and the devs to steer you in the right direction… you can do it even without ssh/CLI use/access, simply using the log viewer panel into web GUI

finally, about IMVHO: once upon a time, when the only way to connect to internet was a 14.4k modem and you pay for the time/traffic, be short and concise was mandatory… so, for example, instead of writing In My Very Humble Opinion, you use IMVHO…

google, my friend, will tell you more :smile:
HTH (Hope This Helps)

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we (generally speaking) don’t put our hands on other people’s servers… it’s a bad things, please don’t give such a suggestion

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@WillZen: about this sentence… you’re absolutly right… but, please, remember that if we’re talking about business, we’re talking about money (your time, your data, your productivity)
so, knowlegde of the matter, and I mean a general knowledge of terms, concepts and principles, is needed…

finally, some suggestion about how to explain an issue (not directly directed to @WillZen) :

  1. remember we know almost nothing about your server neither see anything you see… you are our eyes, you need to be as verbose as possibile… in other words, help us to help you
  2. sometimes you want to achieve A and you think you need to do B to achieve it… but it doesn’t work and so you ask help for B…
    the better approach, ever, is to explain your problem (i.e. A), not your solution (i.e. B)
  3. NS is linux… almost everything is logged… log viewer and logs are your best friends
  4. if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re likely doing it wrong or, worst, the wrong thing… if you are playing on your “production” server (it’s EVIL, don’t you know?), be sure you have a recent and good backup
  5. never, Never, NEVER give ssh/GUI access to people you don’t know/trust
  6. never, Never, NEVER use ssh if you’re under the effects of alcohol or drugs :wink:

Thank you for the tips. I will follow them.

I belief that some additional documentation or HowTo would help a newbie to work on his own instead to ask this silly questions. As an example, if added in the manual

open a command line an exetud: nethserver-install

would help.

Or a HowTo for SSH with putty from a Windows computer. This is realy not complicated if you know it. I know it the meantime :smile: Thank you @Nas


If you belief that NethServer is for Linux enthusiasts why has it a GUI? A Linux enthusiast don’t use a GUI from my expiriance. I met some during the time and everyone worked fast on the command line and didn’t liked a GUI.

I agree

I disagree… there are BILLIONS of howto out there, for any kind of client, sw, platform… we don’t need/want to reinvent the wheel.
google is out there, it knows almost everythingf, just ask it :wink:

I usually use CLI and I can use GUI… you can use GUI but not CLI… with no GUI, you (generally speaking) will never use “our” product… :smile:

no one is a CLI taliban here… feel free to use the right tool :wink:

N.B. I’m not involved, in any way, with Nethesis… I know personally NS’ crew, but when I say “our” product I refer to the community

Ok. But it doesn’t hurt to add a link in the manual.

It’s your product buddy!! You can’t say something different!
Everyone who join this community can say loudly “THIS IS MY OWN PRODUCT” YES IT IS!
It’s not a Nethesis product! Not any more! NethServer belongs to the community :couple: :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands:

Unless you’re paying for support! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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But the “hei, I can help you! give me your root password and IP address and I help you” si a bad suggestion to give and a bad idea to follow :wink:

first rule for a sysadm: trust no one, never, neither yourself :wink:


@WillZen, pls. do pardon me for this comment, I have not read the full details, only what’s on this thread. If you are to deploy something…do some tests first (and extensively). On this test stage you will be more familiar with the system…research, do your homework and know the terminologies, get to know the support (aka community if opensource) and if it works, it works. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

This will make thing a bit easier if you encounter a problem. However, you must inform support what you did before things got messy.

Well, just my 2 cents.

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Respect for those who a great in linux , but it is a community for all ! So when people ask a question how to connect by SSH or some other dummy questions does not charge them . Coz they are new in Linux and 5-10 years ago you were in the same place as they are now! So @alefattorini we have to make some FAQ some pre-requirements before posting troubleshoot post. People while posting they trouble should answer for some necessary question about they NS installation. Think of it …

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I made the same questions many years ago and was told to ask google and to try myself… it was a good suggestion, because in this way I really improve my skills in a fast manner

this is a good idea… I subscribe, thumb up

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@Nas, I do agree and I believe that our busy community here is doing anything they can to help out…including documentations, faqs, how-tos…it’s not just finished.

Even this forum is still a work in progress and this community (alefattorini and co.) is busy getting things done one by one. I do remember that @alefattorini once informed of the faq (or is that how-to?). These are in “Categories” tab/section of this forum.

@giacomo I have no problem to pay someone for his help. It is his time and I don’t expect it is for free.

@zamboni This is the reason I am so carful to do something on the CLI. I will not destroy the whole system.
My point is with the FAQ or HowTo to shorten the time to find the answer. It is easy to spent a long time to find the right page in the internet with the answer especially you don’t know to ask the right question. If we have the answer or the link to the answer why not add it in the FAQ, appendix or another place where it make sens?

@vhinzsanchez It is ok. I am not happy with the situation and my leak of knowlege.
I started my server project last October and spent a long time in the interenet to find the right information and the right software. Also I red differnt books about it and worked a litle bit with Linux on th CLI. But this is not sufficient. But I have to say with the support here in the forum I learned a lot and I hope I can gif somthing back.

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