Introducing new members on community - 18 Jan 16

Hello NethServer fellows,
welcome to another wonderful week of being alive and setting up new NethServer installations!

Last week I have rolled up our monthly Newsletter, do you have missed it? Let’s take a brief look at it
As used let’s welcome all of our new members to the community!
Every week, we take a minute to show some love to our new members, giving an opportunity to introduce themselves, looking at you:
@mikabeckerich @joao.paulo @Guilherme_Silveira @Vladimir_Galindo @hendrik

Please comment below and tell us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer!
  • How you spent your free time?
  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?

Who are you?
Douglas, 30, Brazilian.

What you’re working on?
Some stuffs… :smile:

What brings you to NethServer!
Help my clients life.

How you spent your free time?
Working LoL

Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?
I Have many VM’s in my house, and 1 production server


I’m not brazilian but I’m living in Brazil.
Welcome here :grinning:

Ehi Douglas welcome aboard, would you mind to answer some questions?
How do you think to help client life with NethServer?
Which services do you have on your production server? Share your plans and goal :smile: what’s your biggest challenge here?
I forgot, sorry man, but as @Jim already knows every new Brazilian have to offer a round of caipirinha to everybody :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:

Tnx 4all.

Used the Zentyal on customer servers, but I met the Nethserver and liked the ease of use.
On the production server: Backup, Basic Firewall, DNS and DHCP, File Server, MySQL, Statistics, VPN and Web server
I will still implement other features …
My biggest problem is not having enough time to participate more in the community and help develop the next release.
As the Caipirinha, it is on me.

Of course but it doesn’t depend on how much your time you have but how much you are interested in. Trust me.

For every trouble, ask to @Jim whatever you want.



Thank you for the welcome, it is indeed cozy :slight_smile:

I work as a Sys Admin on a portuguese startup, we do stuff related with new
payment methods and my job most focused on security.
I was brought to nethServer once I saw it on LinkedIn I think, the project
looks nice and I am willing to contribute to it, need more info though.
Also I haven’t tested it already but surely I will, now I am kidding with
docker and kubernetes.

A nice hug to everyone.
Em 18/01/2016 17:14, “Alessio Fattorini”

On linkedin? Maybe you have seen some of my spam announcements over there! :wink:

Do you ever read this review?

We have also many Portuguese people here:

Make this your place and free to ask whatever you want

Hello there, community :smiley:
Who am I?
I’m Mika Beckerich,15, a student from Luxembourg who’s learning on the language section in his school to become an english teacher.
What am I working on?
I’m helping out at translating apps or Linux operating systems in which I see a big fortune. :smile:
What brings you to NethServer?
I’m interested in server operating systems and somebody told me about this.
How you spent your free time?
Testing linux distributions, trying to make my own distribution,…
Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?
Of course I have but not on a physical HDD :wink:

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We need a better English level here, what do you think @Jim? So a good English teacher could be useful :smiley_cat:

Interesting! @jgjimenezs is your man as translators coordinator. You have already a Transifex account right? Which are your preferred languages?

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Hi alefattorini

I am quite sure it was one of your spam posts :slight_smile: spam indeed.

I will follow the post on pplware you send, these guys have some nice

But it worked pretty well since you’re here :wink:
My advice? Take a glass of beer and read a bunch of discussions in this community :beer:
I also would encourage anyone to check features section for request and check other suggestions. Feature - NethServer Community

Transifex: mikabeckerich
Languages: German or English. I can also speak French but naah I don’t like French very much. (Not meant to be offensive :smile: )

I’m not an approval council or whatever approval “something” :joy_cat:

I think you make a joke about my bad English :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Eh, bad english don’t mean bad maneers… WELCOME HERE

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Hi @mikabeckerich,
Welcome to the NS Community.
Just a tip: if you want the full treatment, consider coming to Brussels on Saturday the 30th. We will have a Community meeting at FOSDEM.
@alefattorini will give a NethServer presentation and afterwards we will have a Community meeting: get to know eachother and discuss NethServer and the direction for the project and the community.

Luxemburg isn’t very far, maybe you can catch a train to brussels and meet us all.


It’s a fantastic idea. What do you think @mikabeckerich? Are you joining us?

I’m sorry, but I can’t. I don’t want to leave my country even it’s for 1 day (I’m scared of the refugees thing and those things which happened in Paris so I think its more safe here in Luxemburg :smile: and I got a lot of work to do.) Livestreaming or recording and posting or reading the article later on the site or a podcast or whatever easier for me. I’m sorry and I hope you will understand. :smile:
EDIT: I’m going to find a way to get past my work :wink:

Are you sure? Nono :smile: it was about MY English!

are you serious?

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I didn’t write that I’m a coward. I could travel to big cities but I’m a bit… You know what I mean :smile:
Or did I misunderstand the way you asked your questions(Did you mean: Is this your f***ing serious, or with an other expression,… Or “are you kidding me”,…)?
For short: In Cologne happened something and in Paris too. Germany, France and Belgium are my neighbour countries and… You know what? I’m going to ignore all those incidents and try to get to brussels.