Installation RC3 from ISO nethserver-7.3.1611-rc3-x86_64

NethServer Version: 7.3 1611
Module: RC3

I try to install the “new” Nethserver today from the nethserver-7.3.1611-rc3-x86_64 iso. it is funny, i set root password and system say i have set it. After finishing installation i am not able to log in with the password cause it is incorrect. also not possible to log on to the Webinterface.

Moin Kai,

set the root PW to Nethesis,1234 and change it in the first configuration step via Web GUI.



Moin Uwe,
why i set a password for root etc. if it is not possible to log on with it. And why it should work with the Nethesis,1234`? And how i say, i am not able to connect over the Webinterface.

I hate to say this, but I can’t reproduce your problem. I chose a simple password during interactive installation, so that the installer forced me to click twice on the Done button.
Then, after reboot, when connected to port 980 I used the weak password I entered before to login as root.
I have no idea on what could have gone wrong in your test, I can only ask you to try again a new installation and take note of every step you make.
The password you chose is saved (hased) in /root/anaconda-ks.cfg (search for rootpw).
You could try to bruteforce it. :slight_smile:

i do a new install and choose Nethesis,1234, i got the root access. but unfortunately not the webinterface.

But more important it would be get back the User Stuff after the Update from RC2 to RC3 at the moment.
I really dont understand what happens after every update. everything (without ndpi) seems to work correct. but it is like the username can`t verified by the sytems after the update. it is really annoying. and also the mysql database wont start.

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and at users and groups i have all in and it is showed correct. but if i try to log on with my z.b. email clients it is not possible to log on.

Moin Kai,

i also had the problem and reinstalled the system with Nethesis,1234 PW.
After that I changed it during the initial configuration in the web interface.



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i also do a clean install with the password. i am able to log on as root then but dont be able to connect to the webinterface

finally i had some time to test a new installation of rc3, on a VM/proxmox
my steps:

Nethserver Interactive Installation

Begin Installation
set root password (with a weak one)
coffee & cigarettes…after reboot:
login from webui: ok
login from console: ok

no problem at all, the only note is that the web interface seems a bit slow to go up but i’m working also with other vm, so not sure about this


at my side, if i install the rc3 it never brings the network device up and save the configuration i made during the install. also keyboard is not what i choose during installation. so not possible to do the login from webui. also annoying

I installed RC3 on virtualbox, using the interactive install, selecting the Rome timezone and the Italian keyboard (and a weak password).
After reboot, the console keymap is us not it.
But anaconda-ks.cfg contains:
keyboard --vckeymap=us --xlayouts='it','us'
I typed localectl set-keymap it to fix it.
I’m not sure about what I selected during install, I’ll re-install paying more attention.

Apart from the keymap, no problems detected, system is running fine.

@filippo_carletti same problem here with keyboard config.
retested twice, localectl give me the corrext X11 layout but VCKeymap is always us.
i’ve tryed a clean install of c7 from same iso and the problem is not present

tested also an rc3 install with dhcp enabled eth: no probs

@hucky @transocean Could you please help me to replicate your problems, describing step by step your installation procedure?
are you using virtual or phisical environment for installation?

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i use a Hyper-V 2008 R2 for testing of Nethserver.
But now, after a fresh installation of NS7 RC3 the problem dosent exists.

If you leave the keyboard layout in English, you can also enter the password you want. The first login via Web GUI works with this password.

This pic i see after changing date and time first. The pw must be craeted at the end of the installation.




i used physical Environment for installation. I do it 3-4 times but never get the keyboard right or that the manual configurate green interface comes up. only the dhcp what is my red interface comes up normal. So it was not possible to reach the webui. i got it now cause i logged in from outside my network at the red interface and configure it that way.

Could the keyboard problem be here?
(new line 86-86 for interactive)

there is also a problem with dhcp…
as you see in pic the eth I disabled by default on rc3
(note also the keyboard already selected in rc3 while to be selected in rc2)

while enabled on rc2 (with dhcp)

@transocean so it is possible that the password is created but not working due to different keyboard layout after reboot?

@hucky tnx i need some time to try with 2 eth, did you set red with dhcp and green with static ip?


yes, exactly. red with dhcp and green with manual (static)

I will try to recap, please correct me if I’m wrong.
We have two scenarios: interactive and unattended installations.


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  1. Keyboard layout was not set in RC 2, but US keymap is pre-selected in RC 3
  2. Keyboard selected from the web interface is not honored
  3. Network interfaces seems disabled in anaconda but at the end of installation the network works correctly
  4. Password set from the web interface is not honored

Please confirm the recap.

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Can be consequence of 2, as @dz00te pointed out?