Installation of Rocky-9.x display "kernel panic"

Hi all,

I tried to install Rocky-9.2 and 9.1, using the minimum ISO or the DVD ISO on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS VirtualBox-6 and 7, on Proxmox7.4.3 and all of them give me **kernel panic**.

I even redownload the ISO and checksum is OK.

Installation OK on Win-8.1 with VirtualBox-7.0.6 and I can install NS-8 beta-1.

Installation of Rocky-8.x is OK.

What I do wrong ?


There’s a known bug, did you set the CPU in Proxmox to something other than kvm64 as explained here? See also [SOLVED] - Kernel panic installing rocky or almalinux | Proxmox Support Forum

As regards Proxmox sometimes you need to start the VM a second time, especially when you resize the disk.

As regards Virtualbox, I converted the image to vdi and it worked, see NS8B1 first test - #4 by mrmarkuz


Hi @mrmarkuz

Setting the CPU Type to host and now it’s working.

You’re the best !


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