Installation hangs

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: n.n.
Hello, I try to install NethServer in interactive mode on my ZOTAC ZBOX CI327 NANO.
The process hangs after:
[OK] Started pre-anaconda logging service.

…no progress about half an hour
Best regards, Konrad

Hi Konrad,
From what I see that box is made/optimized for win10 …
Probably you should take a look at bios settings and try to ajust them according to “safest” settings and try again.

Looking on other linux forums that describes similar issues I found that adding extra option to boot sequence helped.

Try adding this parameter when you boot the NS installer:


You can find more info here under the Install > Optional boot parameters
On how to add the parameters when booting the installer.


Considering that NethServer installation is a CentOS installation, you could find help on the net, looking for someone else who has tried before. Looking at zbox specs, I think it should work.

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Hi Bogdan,

Thats great! Thank you very much.
i will try it.

best regards, Konrad

Hi Bogdan, the kernel parameter works, the installation is finalized. But the system works very slow.
I belief that’s the incompatibility issue with the Aplollo Lake CPU.

Thank you for the hint, Konrad

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I tried a CentOS-Installion + NetInstall of NethServer.
It works also fine.
Thank you, Konrad

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Hi Konrad, glad it worked :slight_smile:
The fun begins from now.

You can also check if you have a new Bios ubdate available for your machine. Maybe it can boost the performance.

If you have any issues do not hesitate to ask here.

Thank you Bogdan,
the biggest issue is documentated here:

i belief, this answer doesn’t include the full solution.

best regards, Konrad

Hi at all.
It’s done!

Thanks at all, Konrad

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