Changing RED<-->GREEN

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: nn
after installation wit your incredible support, the system comes up but the network cards are mismatched.
What is:
eth0= green/ LAN via DHPC form my router
–>Accessing Server Manager possible from clients inside the subnet

what I need:
eth0=red, via DHCP
—> Accessing Server Manager impossible
–> traffic forwarding from subnet to my router

eth1:=green, static
–> DHCP and DNS for subnet
–>Accessing Server Manager possible from any client inside the subnet

How could i change the configuration?
Is there a setup program for terminal (local connected or ssh)?

Best Regards, Marko

Hi Marko,

to change it via Server manager go to Configuration/Network:


here are the relevant docs:

Another approach is to reset network and do the rest via web UI:

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You can configure eth1 as green. Once configured change eth0 from green to red.
You can restrict access from RED configuring httpd-admin service (Security > Network Services).

Network can also be configured from command line, but it seems easier using the server-manager.


Hi Marc, thank you.
That was my first idea I tried. But the system froze in the moment when two green interfaces became active. The service manager was not accessible. I had to reinstall the whole system.
Best regards, Marko

Sorry to hear your system froze, it worked for me. If you encounter the same problem and want to avoid reinstallation, you can reset the network (as described in the manual, see links posted by @mrmarkuz) as well as changing network configuration from command line:

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Thank you Marc,
I will remeber it.
Best regards, Marko