Install NethServer on OVH

So for those want to install NetServer on OVH, SoYouStart or KimSufi… this is an HowTo

  • Install any custom installation of CentOS and use the distribution kernel

  • Connect over SSH to you server

  • Execute those lines

    mkdir /centos-orig64
    cd /centos-orig64
    NOTE : Match your version, if you plan to use NethServer 6.6, install the CentOS 6.6.

    mv vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz.cent.pxe
    mv initrd.img /boot/initrd.img.cent.pxe

  • Edit your grub

    nano /boot/grub/menu.lst

  • Replace everything with, don’t forget to use your own IP, Gateway and Password,…

    default 0
    timeout 0
    title Centos Install (PXE)
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz.cent.pxe vnc vncpassword=***$pass123*** headless ip=***$serverip*** netmask= gateway=***$gatewayip*** dns= ksdevice=eth0 method= lang=en_US keymap=us
    initrd /boot/initrd.img.cent.pxe

  1. Regenerate Grub by executing

    grub-install /dev/sda

  2. Reboot

  3. Wait few minute, you’ll be able to install a real CentOS over VNC

inspired :


Because now they release CentOS 6.7 this FTP don’t provide 6.6 anymore
but you could replace those two lines by


where is the nethserver ?

In a three-year-old and outdated post. Instructions on how to install over CentOS can now be found in the manual.

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Oh! Thanks !