Insecure PHP version for wordpress

Did you install nethserver-wordpress. It could be a try.[]=stephdl&s[]=wordpress

Wordpress has been installed by the stephdl repository for some time. do you propose to re-run the installation?

Perhaps @stephdl has a better answer then me.

Did you configure it?

Please read the wiki page carefully.[]=php&s[]=scl

Hello, after downloading php I limited myself to run from nethserver GUI the latest version then 7.3 and then set it as default for apache. My wordpress as previously written I unload it via the repository. I did not have to create a virtualhost on nethserver and then install wordpress. Can you suggest some tests to do? Thanks and I hope I was clear.

How do you access your wordpress?

e.g. https://yourdomain/wordpress?

Yes I log in regularly as you just listed. https: //myserver.local/wordpress. However, after the update the server continues to run regularly, it only shows the warning that it would be ok to update php without affecting the operation. Thank you .

Then I would suggest to follow the advise of @filippo_carletti and others, to simply ignore for now.

Ok, as suggested by Filippo php is already complete at the patch level. I also believe that if the new version of wordpress is required that requires such dependencies, why not perform a complete update of wordpress with related dependencies? Thank you all .

the wordpress module uses its own virtualhost like you discovered and the php-scl module is for /var/www/html, so you cannot use another version of php. The best advice would be to simply ignore it because redhat backports security patches, or install on your own php71-scl and make a custom template to load php71 in the wordpress virtualhost.

In short IMO it is urgent to wait.


Thank you so much, it’s just what I had written before or I never created a virtualhost to host wordpress but I only downloaded the package from your repository.

yep I created for you a virtualhos that you can find at /etc/httpd/conf.d/zzz_wordpress.conf, with a custom template you could load whatever php version you want

Thank you very much the template and instructions of the case.

Bumping this thread since I am fiddling a bit with WP module.
What I encounter is that several themes and plugins require a newer version of php. In most cases php7.x
Is there a way to make the Nethserver-wordpress module work with a newer version of php?
On a clean, up-to-date nethserver 7.6 install I added nethserver-wordpress from stephdl repo
Wordpress is not visible as one of the appplications and not mentioned as Vhost.
This last thing (mentioned as Vhost) would be necessary to force a php version from php-scl
any suggestions?

yes I suppose it is the only way to remove the php check, what version is supposed to run, we could use php71, php72 IIRC

7.1 is almost eol, so If it were a 7.x version then 7.2 (or even 7.3)

Can’t the worpress module be created in a vhost so php-scl can be used?

/edit: anyone else encouters problems when trying to install remi-repo? For me it looks like it’s offline…

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It takes around 10min to install remi-repo and sometimes it fails.

working on it, soon something to test with rh-php72

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please check Nethserver-wordpress with rh-php72

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Hi all,

First time I read this thread.

About the report by WordPress for PHP version.

I had that problem long time ago but I found out that WordPress is looking inside php.ini for the version and that is why it reports old version. This, I can not explain…

If you install the extension Duplicator, it has under Tools → Diagnostics → Information a report of all the versions of all the software WorPress is using. It will display the correct version and it wil not be the same as the one WordPres is reporting.

My sites are using PHP Collection and I specify to use PHP-7.2. Duplicator report PHP-7.2.22 which is the correct version.