Increase the size of attachments in webtop

Good morning everyone
I find myself solving the problem of attachments via email in webtop
I wanted to know the correct way to be able to increase the size of the attachments which are currently limited to 10 megs
thank you

Maybe here:


i don,t understand to change the path for attachements email size

you need to access the webtop configuration panel:


And log in with “admin” credentials (not admin@yourdomain.tld)

In the panel that appears to you, on the left column, click on the webtop logo icon

on the window that appears, in the middle column, select “Properties (system)” then, on the right panel, click on the “Add” button and select “com.sonicle.webtop.mail”

in the box with the cursor, type “attachment.maxfilesize” and in the box immediately to the right set the maximum size of attachments in bytes (Example 10MB = 10485760)


the problem is solved