Incomplete uninstallation of software packages

I installed and uninstalled Nextcloud and SoGO.
Some artifacts still exists:


There may be some other artifacts since after the new installation of Nextcloud no applications can actually be selected for use. No available apps are displayed.

There’s already a feature request:


Yum doesn’t remove the configuration files and there is not easy way to implement it.
You will find more info inside the post linked by Markus, but we do not have any plan to implement such feature.

I tried to understand the old thread. One question still I have…
Can I remove these files manually or not? Or should I even? Or do I have additional problems, e.g. during a reinstallation?

I noticed that despite deinstallation the servie is still there.

I do not know how to deal with it.

Yes, you can safely remove them, after removing, reload Apache config: systemctl reload httpd

Those are only the records inside the esmith database. You can remove them with:

config delete sogod
config delete loolwsd