In which case(s) should I set myself as assignee on github?

Hi friends,

I found some different opinions and just wanted to know how it is handled actually?

@alefattorini once told me to assign myself when I just found a bug.

The developer docs tell me, the developers and testers assign theirselves.

The testing howto tells me, the tester assigns himself.

When I look at the issues, nobody is assigned to an issue except @stephdl and me so it seems just the developer should assign himself…so what’s the right way?

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thank for bringing this pointer, I need to read it :smiley:

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Yes, the developer docs is authoritative for me; in other words

  • a new issue waits for development
  • a testing issue waits for qa
  • a verified issue waits for release

I often forget to set the assignee though! We are a small team by now…

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Thank you for clarifying.
Ok, so assigning starts with dev/test. Then I’ll stop assigning myself when just opening a bug issue. :blush:

Thanks for pointing that out, I just assumed you (or other experienced devs here) are near to perfection after opening many bugs and was really afraid of doing something wrong on github.
What I learned: Don’t be afraid of github!

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When I see an issue is assigned I think somebody is developing/testing it.

Thus who writes the issue is not necessarily the assignee.

Ah, that’s the reason you asked if I need help on github…now I understand. I just raised the issue because you asked for it and I need training but without thinking of solving it…so I assigned myself and so on…
By the way, what do you think about taking your solution and moving the realm leave line?
Or should I just do a PR and we discuss it afterwards?