In-place upgrade path

I am curious about this ad how it would work.

How will it work with apps that are not yet ns8 Modules yet, wil they just work contained somewhow and be exposed

The basic idea is the following:

  1. Execute ELevating CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 9 | AlmaLinux Wiki. The procedure is the same for Rocky Linux: leapp tool supports it and other EL distros as well.
  2. Run a conversion procedure of NS7 application data to NS8 apps. The NS7 migration tool moves data with rsync across nodes; in the case of an in-place migration we can investigate a quicker mv + chown procedure because all data is on the local node.

Each application requires its migration procedure, like the nethserver-ns8-migration tool already released. I can’t imagine a one-size-fit-all approach: details count!

So far we verified that the double version upgrade provided by EL is complex, but works. About the conversion procedure, I can only say that the existing migration procedure is a good starting point but there is a lot of work to do.

so this means, for all softwares we have in ns8 a the momen, that previously had a ns7 version, they would have to be implementd into the migration tool for ns8 as well, before a meaningfull migration can be acheived.

However there are outliers, the ones not implemented as modules in ns7, they are just standard installations.

I thought the topic had been buried, much to my regret. Why a separate thread now? Is there still hope?

This is current status: