Improvements for the presentation page of NethServer 8

The first question (What is nethserver 8) is repeated on bottom, also than on top.
Using an healty tool for avoiding tracking on my brower, several images are not viewable.
Then something hit my brain. Hard.

Can I migrate from NethServer 7 to NethServer 8

Can I migrate. Present simple. Today.

Yes. Migrating to the next major release is a primary goal, as always has been. The migration procedure is still not ready but developers will work hard to make it safe and painless .

Answer is Yes. Today i can migrate. The migration procedure is still not ready.
Yes i can. But procedure is not ready. Therefore … I can not… today, as simple present implies. According to Mr Linus Sebastian wording for videos… this look like a quite fat lie. Today.

I’d love soon a rework of the text. For telling something a bit more logical.

I agree some information is outdated.

This should be the source of that page:

It is possible to edit it by opening a pull request.

Answer is NO. NS8 doesn’t exist today!

Jokes apart, the migration procedure is already under work. The first case study is Nextcloud and, YES, it is possible to migrate with an automatic procedure Nextcloud from ns7 to ns8 (…that does not exist).

So the answer is not just a yes/no. We are working on it.


Then why there’s a “Yes” as first word of that answer?
Would you please find the manager who allowed it and explain why lying to potential customers might be bad business habit?

Oh, FFS. There’s no lying going on, unless you assume that those “potential customers” can’t read more than a sentence at a time. The page needs to be clearer, particularly about the fact that NS8 is very much prerelease, but there’s no lying there.

Ok that’s probably a mistake. To correct it I would turn the question in a future tense… But it’s too late this evening and my English sucks.

I hope somebody better than me will open a pull request to fix this bug.



How it’s possible than a PR statement has a bug?
Everything made by humans might have issues I’m aware of that. But not even reviewing the things are published? Moreover… lead developers devs are making PR statements? Without third party review?.

Seriously, is far from funny.

Because people make mistakes. Or because it isn’t really a bug, but people (like you, in this case) read it to say something it was never trying to address.

You know perfectly well that NS8 is in a very early prerelease status. You know perfectly well (and if you didn’t, the FAQ answer you claim to be so bothered about makes clear) that migration is a WIP and not presently there. So why are you behaving as though you don’t understand these things?

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Update. I just applied Dan’s patch and fixed the web site page. Dan, really thank you :pray:

BTW, @alefattorini can we remove the FAQ section from it? Maybe it’s better replace it with a link to the FAQ source that - as said - is a work-in-progress and can be easily modified from GitHub Pages: FAQ | NethServer 8

MIchael it’s ok you raised the issue. I hope that sentence is now more logical and we can agree that respect for other people’s work is more important than the issue itself.


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Do you have to bring out the sledgehammer for such a trifle?

Davide the answer was

not something like…
“oh crap, that’s quite a fail”
You laughed… then

I quite know what the goals are. I’m aware of how big the paradigm shift is. But again, you did not make me laugh, and the answer was not “we screwed up”.


I was not laughing, because it was not fun.

Few hours ago a quite big known internet personality grilled a not so small electric devices brand for a nonsense answer about firmware upgrade of electrical smart switches. As a job is an entertainer, tried to make laugh. But as the same way, lying to potential customers as that company did is a bad habit.

So please, Nethesis… don’t start with NS8.

It is you who are lying, and you really need to stop.

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At the moment, NethServer 8 is:

Not Alpha, nor Beta, much less a RC (Release Candidate)…
It is still very much WIP (Work in progress), and as such is “entitled” to bugs, unfinished stuff and so on.

Let the devs do their stuff, and let them “release” stuff when it’s ready from a dev point of view, not from a test user point of view…

And create issues when there are such “issues”, not non-issues blown up from an anthill to a big mountain!

A wishlist for a finished product is not the same as a finished “feature” list. This is clear and understood for a pre-alpha, pre-release test run.

OK, there may be language issues, not everyone is as fluent in english as certain native language speakers. But still, it isn’t a form of gibberish, it’s an unfinished work, pre release, pre alpha…

Look at it, if you have improvements, by all means chip in!

But don’t go marketspeak for a finished product, and accuse people of lying to customers!
This is WIP, unfinished!!! And this is clear to anyone reading this!

At least ten posts discussing marketspeak technicalities of a finished product, not really contributing to any development… Sad!

My 2 cents


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