Improve Alfresco support

Continuing the discussion from On The Road towards NethServer 7 Beta 1:

Alfresco is a great piece of software, our integration is very very simple and it works just on NethServer 6
How can we improve it? Are you heavily using it?
Testing it on 7 might be a good step forward @gperna @Pasquini @joel3

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I’m not heavily using it, in fact I just found out about it and currently testing its functionalities.

Like I mentioned, I tried to install it on the VPS where i have nethserver but it required a minimum of 4GB RAM so in the end I moved it to its own dedicated VPS.

I feel this requirement would limit the deployment of NS to a wider audience - while its easy to get a low end vps with enough resources to adequately run NS for a low price, a higher memory server would be a lot more expensive and less affordable for more people.

Perhaps Alfresco could be included as an optional install for those with the adequate hardware? It really is a great addition and I’m really happy to have found it!

Agree, did you try it on 7 yet?

I just did :slight_smile:

But I have an issue - I can’t enable the service on boot. I have to manually restart it every time the server reboots. Also, any idea how to enable https for alfresco?

Hi all!
I’m looking for a new home to my Alfresco installation as the current VPS is about to expire. It would be great to have it as part of NS7 - will alfresco be included, either as a module or as vhost?
Thanks, looking forward to the final release!

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Has anyone tried Alfresco in 7?