I'd actually love to come to the NethServer Conference

(André Wismer) #1


I’d actually love to come to the NethServer Conference.
I checked it out on the map, Riccone is at the other end of Rimini Airport runway. Thought I recalled the name but couldn’t quite place it. Living in Switzerland, passed through uncountable times bella Italia!

I’ll have to admit: The italian and the french both know how to combine good food, excellent wine and a great lifestyle - but the term dolce vita does undeniably have italian / latin roots!

Now, I don’t have a time machine so I have to see what can be postphoned or done earlier…
Will try to see about coming by tomorrow…


Moving from SME server to NethServer
(Alessio Fattorini) #2

It would be awesome to see you there. Where are you in Switzerland?
You’re right we’re so close to Rimini.

@stephdl :slight_smile:

NethServer Conference is worth a try.