Moving from SME server to NethServer

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Can I ask you a question? Why a SME user should move to NethServer? Which features make a difference? Why move to newer tech? what problems can arise?
I’m asking because this info could be helpful for others.

Hope @Karl_Muller @fausp @xmechanic @macwunder can help here

@alefattorini You can ask, iI’m also here to help to improve Nethserver, if I can help I will do ;). I use SME server for small server used by Non-tech user, I manage the updates and the security on the server and user use the server without help. But SME server coming to be a little old, even if the Koozali Foundation work hard to build a newer version, and because I want to build small server with arm, for low power usage. I’ve been contributor for Centos and Fedora, so I prefer Nethserver because it respect the standard of Centos. It will be more easier to work on building an arm version. I’ve also switch to Nethserver because the community is new but have energy, you’ve do a lot of great work in not so much time. And I want to help Nethserver. And the problem on our old server is that the version of php is too old.

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well… SME9 and NS share the same php version, since both of them come from Centos6.X

and in both of them you can use SCL to have many php version on the same server…

@zamboni Our SME server wasn’t an SME 9 it was a SME 7 upgrade to SME 8, and upgrade from 8 to 9, was not easy.

not the best and right place where to discuss about it…
could you please PM me? thank you


I support about 20 Clients with their Network and IT System.

I’ve been using Linux Servers from the beginning - even though others called me a MS-Guru.
Started with SuSE Linux, still have clients using GroupWise / Linux but for most cases that’s too complicated. So tested out a few other distros and settled on SME5/SME6 at the time.

I also might add that I’m a VMWare user since 1999 (Yes, VMWare 1.0 beta!) but recently have moved to ProxMox. While I still consider VMWare a premium grade Virtualisation Platform, I don’t like the idea of needing a MS Server to administrate a Linux box, nor several more if i really want to use ESXi.

Same goes now for SME Linux. While it’s absolutely stable and rock solid it’s still stuck on it’s EL6 base, including very old PHP. And LetsEncrypt was the game changer. While I found the name amusing - considering the old PHP background - no, I just wasn’t going to install a package called dehydrate to be able to use LetsEncrypt.

Using OwnCloud, later NextCloud on SME was a PITA, and it never really wored well, just barely, again because of old PHP.

SME also wanted too many reboots. I mean, updating something like jpg-libs or such doesn’t really need the whole server to reboot!

Nethserver has the same base, but runs on newer Centos EL7.
OK, NextCloud needs a PHPSCL environment like SME, but with less headache. It works fairly well.

And yes, I’m one of the Mac users here. I can handle Windows and Linux extremly well, but my personal boxes are all mac. And one PiTop (Raspberry) Notebook. My Clients use Windows more than I do, but they also use Mac and Linux.

Besides the 7.4 s*it served from upstream, NethServers been a great server!
Let’s keep it that way!

Best regards from Switzerland!



One more Mac user, oh yes!
Welcome here :blush:

Hi Jim
If it would be welcome, I can assist with what I can.

Among other skills:

  • coding
  • networking best practices
  • monitoring
  • integration other OSes
  • documentation
  • windows networking
  • VoIP

I also can speak and write in english, german and french, and communicate in Italian.

I’ve been using open-source for over twenty years in my job, planing and running IT networks for my clients.
My Background is in IT for large companies (large as in biggest 10 in their field worldwide!) almost all of my SME clients (Small and Medium Enterprise, NOT SME-Server Clients) can boast of Online Monitoring with Nagios / Zabbix or several others. Data saved at home (of the boss) or outside of the office - and inside the office with several generations. Restore of files can be user done, without my intervention. And despite crypto-ransomeware attacks (5 infected PCs in all), not much if any loss of data! Backups are read-only for all except root!

Otherwise: NethServer is a great Server, and I’ve seen a few in my time! For example ClearOS looks good, but paying for WPAD (Standard proxy access!) is not open source in my understanding. OK, you can do it by hand, but the Web-UI for WPAD is in the payable copyrighted area!

Thanks and best regards from Switzerland!


Glad to hear this. Take a look at this:

Let me know if you need help. @Jim and @mrmarkuz might be your mentors here.
Send them a message if you need help

Wow! You have to attend our conference :slight_smile:

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@alefattorini, @stephdl

Location is Zug, between Zürich and Lucerne, almost in geographical center of Switzerland.
Out traditional Easter vacation is either in Tessin (Southern Switzerland, VERY Italian, even speaking the same language) or in Italy. If it wern’t for the 20 km traffic jams on the Gotthard route south… ;-(

Italy and France are both top of the world, culture, lifestyle, food down to basics like pasta and bread, but if any of you ever pass through Zug, try eating at:
Read the history (Almost as old as Switzerland, held by the same family and in the same building!). It’s very decently priced, and the Rösti (Swiss speciality, almost like “sticky” french fries), tastes hand done and really nice & crispy…


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Such a great suggestions :smiley:
Never been in Switzerland, I’m going to pass through at the earliest opportunity

Sry, that URL had a Typo…


Switzerland is always worth a trip. All or most italians dream about Svizzera, just as we Swiss think about Italia!

But when in Switzerland, some things are a must. Like the Aareschlucht, a nice one hour’s walk: See the pics on Google:

Mountains, Chocolate and Watches, not necessary in that order… :wink: