I feel left behind

The mess to search/implement additional tools on top of NS8 in TRYING to achieve exactly the same what we already had for many years. Let alone achieve more or better.

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Isnt linux generally a collection of many tools

I think quite the opposite @LayLow
I read your other concerns relating to the development of NS8 and believe I understand where you are coming from.
I assume you are wanting an out of the box solution that has all the bits included and managed by a single interface/cockpit/server manager? If so, that is the 80s!
Now it is all about containers and orchestrators and conductors! It is technology that takes a bit of learning and understanding. Once you do understand it, it all starts to point at being the way forward.

I haven’t had the time to have a close, hard look at NS8 - or even use it in a production environment - yet it looks promising and appears to be a good forward moving replacement for the old.
I also like NethSecurity and the way it is going.

I note that you were pushing for it to live on the same machine. In that scenario, if your firewall device gets compromised so does your main server. ‘Air gapping’ machines, functions, modules, etc (even virtually) is a good move these days.

I’m hopeful of seeing NethSecurity loaded onto OpenWRT flashable hardware of sorts.


I would hope and wish for this to happen as well, would also give it a wider user base. though not the wifi tuff, since if am not wrong they have been disabled


A lot of OpenWRT capable boxes are just that: They are capable of running OpenWRT as an access point, nothing more. A lot f available hardware on the OpenWRT list have VERY low powered CPUs, hardly enough RAM to run OpenWRT… And then there are a lot of exotic CPUs (also a lot of single core). Needed libraries will most likely never appear for these exots…

The fact that OpenWRT does support a docker environment is fine, it’s just that the hardware is often too limiting.

To reuse a 10-20 year old box just because it still runs… It does not have the CPU power to run suricata (that needs a lot of CPU). so use as a firewall / vpn gateway is highly limited - anything more hardly usable.

My 2 cents

What I see is that there are many people who are trying to say the same thing, that we come from a polished system and a way of working to a totally new system (with a lot of errors, and yet everything is released as a stable version. … it is not understood, honestly)
You are trying to make us see the benefits of the project, when you are not listening to the cases that are being presented. I honestly don’t see it. I am already looking for alternatives to NS7, since I chose NethServer at the time for a reason. If it no longer meets what I need, I will need to look for other products.
And no, the community was not asked about such a radical change to the system. That has been a business decision. Spot.
What an administrator wants is simplicity. Not that to restart the system I have to do magic spells.
And yes, my comment is being a little more critical than the others, but I only see errors everywhere and trying to shoehorn in the benefits of NS8 (when I see more problems than benefits)
Obviously, you are a company, and companies are there to make money, but you also have to listen to others a little and, if the product you are putting on the market does not convince the public, you should do a little self-criticism, and not limit yourself to repeat and repeat the goodness


I’m sorry but I strongly disagree. We have spent tons of time talking about it and there weren’t so many alternatives.

Thanks and fair enough.

I am hoping for functionality modularity so that one is free to choose where which module lives, including the firewall, on the same cluster/node or on a different cluster/node.

I am hoping for simple extendible configuration pages for every module, not just the config parameters chosen by devs.

I am hoping for the arch and tech not to discriminate on how MY setup should look like, local or cloud. NS8 is complete build around virtualisation but not intended for virtual setups? How very odd…

I’ve asked in another thread, but the answer was HIGHLY unlikely.

Thanks for the constructive feedback/talk. Appreciated.

Never said that. I’m just asking to find the solution together avoiding sarcastic tones.
This not the culture of that community and it won’t be


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