How to migrate my 3 NS7 to NS8

Just got triggered by the Onlyoffice post for testing.

Made me wonder if I’d tried to migrate one of my NS7 servers with NC and onlyoffice if it would have failed and crashed everything unrecoverably.

Reading these forums over the months I can see gotcha after gotcha after gotcha for migrations.

I have a 3 NS7 environment, all interconnected.

I’m going to have to buy at minimum a new baremetal server because I don’t have near the resources to migrate 3 servers.

I’m going to have to re-architect my infra.

I didn’t get left behind, I got pushed off the cliff. :rofl: :thinking: :sob:


So sad!

@fasttech I see a path for an in-place upgrade, though am not sure how that’s going to work out, especially for apps not yet ported to ns8

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How’s currently your infra?