I am looking for Russian documentation

Hello community. I am looking for someone who can give recommendations and advice in Russian. I am new to administration and not everything is clear the first time. Also, relevant documentation on the platform. I hope for a smooth cooperation. Sincerely, Alexander.

Hi @tektusas and welcome to the community! Glad you found the forums.
I can completely understand your request for documentation in your own language. The documentation that is translated, is done by members of our community. And this is probably the path the russian translation will have to follow too.
I know we have quite some Russian (or Russian speaking) members in our forums.
Calling @Nas, @tcpip @oleg_sadov @xcod @kelevra @Ivan_Aronov @vfo123 @alk @Serg_M @amarovita @vasya @buddha @delusive @Af_Straga @NikoTeeN @dimai

Also pointing to an existing topic: Russian Translation Team 🇷🇺

So, please unite the members that speak your language and make the effort together. With a bit of dedication I am sure you can have a 100% cover of Russian for both documentation as for user interface.

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