I am back and missed you guys

Hi to everyone, I have been gone for about a year now. Loving Nethserver is what has brought me back here. I am working with a new organization which is an NGO that does work for our Government, our Government wants nothing to do with anything tat is LInux based.
I am thinking of going solo creating firewalls/gateways using NS as my main box. This brings to my question, I have done a few searches on the net “Which is the best Linux based firewall” “top 5 best linux firewalls” “Which Linux firewall should I use?” and NS is not in any of them. I am not saying anything bad about NS but going solo my clients would like to something on the net tat says NS is a great firewall.
I lone NS and will always use. and the help I use to get here was 100% great… Here is one of those webstie: http://www.techradar.com/news/6-best-free-linux-firewalls-of-2017


Welcome back lewis, happy to see you around again
You’re right man, we have to make more public relations and write more about NethServer as powerful firewall. Can you help me providing some good features of NethServer firewall that I can highlight.
Something that make us differente from others :slight_smile:

I have not used NS7, I understand there few changes/upgrades from NS6. But from the top of my head I would say: easy installation, user friendly interface, the monitoring graphs, strong firewall, all-in-one ( Mail server, FTP server, Web server, Web Filter, Firewall, VPN server, File Cloud server, Windows File Sharing server or Email Groupware server in no time with a few clicks), and most of all, what I think makes it standout is the community help you get…
The COMMUNITY can add or disagree… must start somewhere to get NS on rated on sites like PCMag, Techradar, Linux.com, Distrowatch.com, etc…

Welcome back Lewis!

There’s plenty of people speaking about us!

I love this one from Linux Journal

But ot enough out there to convince Companies or IT Techs… Try do a search on google simler to “best linux gateway or firewall” “top linux free firewall” “linux firewall that would suit my company” NS will on be on the list…

Just read the Linux Journal write up… Love it… very nice

I think NS needs more impact against OS’s like ClearOS, IPCop, PFSemse, Shorewall, OPNsense and so on…NS has all the capabilities and power behind it.

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I agree with you but we need more firepower :slight_smile:
And you all guys are our canonballs.
You have many ways and the post mentioned by @davidep above is full of examples:

I can do some of the work but it’s up to you to boost the message!

Consider it done on my side… Thank you, I will spread it like the flue…