Howto install NethServer as Samba AD domain controller v0.2

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I feel that I have a little different scenario, but equally demanding.

I haven’t see and tried the NS mail option; so I can compare with our current mail server, it use Citadel (I like it) in debian w/2 SATA drives (software raid). Is really simple to manage and just works. But I make a little mistake: I leave it un managed for a few months and the database grow so large that I can’t really do fast backups (it takes almost 2 hours of downtime). This version can’t recover free space from deleted message, but the new version will have that process.

Mostly we use POP user accounts, so I can keep and eyes in the space used on the mail server. A few are using IMAP; but I see some users messing up their IMAP folders.

Later I’ll try to find and read what email solution is used in NS, how the mails are stored, and what anti-spam/virus capabilities have. Including the administration tasks.

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@planet_jeroen, @robb : I feel my hardware short after reading your comments:
This is a Dell server R320 24 GB RAM and 4 SATA DISK 1 TB each.
The four disks in ZFS as RAID 10; and limited to 8GB the ZFS system.

options zfs zfs_arc_max=8589934592

Because it haven’t any load right now, I can’t see if I’ll hit a wall; need more tests before going to production. I really need to replace our old w2k server.

What I like is the idea of ZFS snapshots for safety upgrades in NS and peace of mind.

So, if I see that I only can have the NS in this hardware; I will give less RAM to NS, and extend the 8GB RAM for ZFS. I hope that I can have at least to VMs: 1 NS, and other one for a payroll system in windows, so I can take out another hardware at least.

Edit1: sadly, this system can’t hold more disks. Just more ram and hopefully bigger disks later.

Reading this guide avidly. :crazy_face:

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If you wont be running a lot of virtual machines, and the systems you named are not very demanding, you can probably get away with it. If you are going to install clients as well on there, this becomes a must.

If your server can hold them, get a few more disks tho. They are relatively cheap and it makes it so much more versatile.

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I only run 2 2TB disks on my ProxMox server. But it is a home server and not very extensively used. So in the end it all depends on your use.

But as @planet_jeroen said, as soon you are going to run a lot of VM’s and containers, Have very larghe mailboxes that need to be synced all the time for a lot of users, the best thing you can do, (maybe even before adding RAM) is adding disks/spindels so you increase I/O.

So, what are you working on? - 13 March 2018
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Maybe this could serve you