Migrating from MDaemon to nethserver-mail

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Email

I’m migrating an old MDaemon server to nethserver-mail. Right now I stumbling from page to page trying to figure out how can I have my current setup. First thing I’m trying to do is restrict some users to an adress (e.g. restrict to *.cu mail addresses ). So far I can only restrict to local addresses by using the check-box Local network only. Any help is welcome.

Hello @jfernandez,

do you want to restrict the users to send as or send to specific mail addresses?

Both should be possible with postfix but I think we have to create some custom templates:



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I want to restrict users from either receiving or sending mails to anyone but a list, e.g.
Restrict them to sending mails only to Cuba (*.cu)

@mrmarkuz thanks for the help, I never had done anything in Perl, but I’m willing to learn. Seeing as there is no option for doing this from the web interface, and since MDaemon and Exchange has this feature added to his GUI, I think Nethserver could also implement it.

The solution for this post is here