How we can celebrate NethServer 6.6 Release?

Hei folks,
Nethserver 6.6 is coming, are you ready? I’m wondering what to do for celebrate this awesome milestone!
Do you have any hint? How can we stay togheter and spread the word?
A Q&A session in the same scheduled time, placed here in a specific topic? A video on youtube that explain new features?
Or each of us could open a beer or a bottle of wine and send here a photo :wink: or post on twitter/g+ and link it here, like this:

What do you think? Please help me to organize a nice release party :smiley: the first!

Open a bottle of wine whole life!
But a beer could be a good alternative :slight_smile:

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Can we have a simple hangout? Might be fun

We need to planning this event.
I’m going to pick up the right bottle…

I like the hangout, but i don’t think my wife will let me go to Italy :smiley:

Ahahah why not? Just a few hours… I can pay you a beer :wink:
Anyway @mabeleira are you available for an hangout?

Hangout or hangover ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you want show us your pretty face?
Or send us a photo with a good beer? :smile:
Seriously, how many people can we gather for an hangout? Please comment below…

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It could be interesting an “Hangout on air” of developers team with the presentations of new features and improvement, with a selected list of guests who interact via hangout and an #hastag or a chat room for asking question from the audience following the live on youtube.

Just my 2 cent :slight_smile:

It could be cool, is there any guest who want to participate?

We can create a specific topic here with a youtube live stream link where anyone can reply with questions or just to say hi :smiley:

@davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti what do you think about?
@sitz @etino @mabeleira @Lincee @jelle @AbsyntH @jgjimenezs do you want to participate as host? Who else?

I’ve no much to say on the last release of Nethserver (at the moment…) but I’m interested to hear what’s new from the project members or consideration from users/admins of Nethserver system on the last release.

Certainly I will be on the other side of the tube :smiley:

I would prefer a post produced video.
I mean each of us can make a five seconds long video where say:“Hello” or “I like NethServer 6.6” than concatenate all in post production.
It will give the sense of how may people from all around the world are involved in this community.

Hhypothetical sound track:

  • All around the world - OASIS
    "…All Around The World, you’ve gotta spread the word…"

I’m ready with the bottle :wink:


Really like the idea!

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I like this, I see only two issues:

  • you have to receive 15/20 video at least otherwise the final video results too short…
  • we need someone who want gather video and post-produce :wink: any volunteer?

Yes @alefattorini 15/20 videos at least and I add that the final video inclusive of a short introduction and credits as final should be 2 minutes long minimum and 5 minutes long maximum.

I can try to realize the final video but can anybody suggest me some free (and easy to use) video editing software?

Sorry but they don’t allow beer in the office :frowning:

I moved 14 posts to a new topic: I Love NethServer
We keep this post only for proposal, upload your photos on topic above

I’m on family call see ya on monday

No worries deadline is next tuesday :wink:

OR… we could put some activity into the IRC channel?