How to keep all the members of a shared mailbox in the loop when answering to a mail sent to that shared mailbox?


Is there a way to configure the mail server so that it automatically adds an email address in CC or BCC when answering to a mail that was originally sent to a particular recipient ?

Let me explain : I’d like to keep all the members of a shared mailbox in the loop when someone answers to a mail originally sent to that shared mailbox address. The answer should be sent to the shared mailbox as well, automatically. I think this could actually be generalised to aliases.

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Do you use Groupware or mail client?

Both. webmail is sogo. But i’d Like to keep client independant.

Well the mail protocol doesn’t work like this :wink: It’s up to the client to use the “Reply” or “Reply all” button, or add someone to the BCC.

IMHO you’re trying to resolve a problem with the wrong tool.

Please describe the the usage scenario (and not the technical solution), maybe we can find a better solution! :slight_smile:

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True. But :blush:

  1. Sogo doesn’t enable the reply to all when the user answering a mail is different from the original recipient (usual case with aliases). Bug IMHO but I bet they’ll declare it as a feature and I don’t like their mailing list.

  2. The problem with the users is that they are users : they forget to reply to all ! I’d like to circumvent that and put the server at work.

But I agree that it’s a bit borderline.

Matthieu G. (en mode mobile)

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This seems a… Ticketing system.


:wink: I believe it’s a common use.

Say a team of thee persons are in charge of the shared mailbox (and alias) mail. It’s convenient to keep that address in the loop to inform the others what happened and what has been said when they were not working.

I’m sure for example that @davidep (part of the team) will want to now what you answered to that particular Microsoft employee asking how to replace his windows server by a NS instance !

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I agree.
But also… team should be informed and correctly acting for use the tool as intended
I can use pliers for loose a nut, but a wrench is the correct tool. Therefore i must use it properly…

use mattermost, or slack, that tools are the correct ones.

But… can Mattermost receive *mails *from the outside ?? I’m afraid lambda users don’t want anything else than emails :frowning:

email are like stone tools :smiley:

or something like sympa, or mailman… is what you are thinking

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@stephdl even mailinglists by default behave in a way that if you reply to a message, you reply to the sender and not to the list. You have to click “reply to list” or “reply to all” to get the wanted outcome of keeping everybody ‘in the loop’.

That depends entirely on how the list software is configured–many of the mailing lists I’m on (incorrectly, and harmfully) set Reply-To to the list address.

So that is ‘server-side’ would that be possible for SOGo too then (in that case there is hope for @pagaille :wink: )

Thanks all for sharing your toughts.

I know I’m stubborn, but still, I’m not convinced. This is a common use case and I believe my claim is not so exotic. Today another user asked me incidentally “where are the sent items for that shared mailbox ?”.

So let me put it another way : what’s the use of the current shared mailbox concept anyway ? And to begin with, how can one talk about a “shared mailbox” when the usual folders (sent, drafts, deleted items) are not present ?

I disagree. It’s like the phone like we know it today : outdated, sure, but still fundamental… and it works.

Thanks @stephdl @robb and @danb35 that’s a creative solution, but that’s not the intended use of a mailing list either.

As a reminder, I only want a team of some people in a small company to be able to manage a generic public email address (info, billing, support) in a way that they are able to see if and what someone answered.

You’re welcome. Nobody will stop to let you use a spoon for opening cans…

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Not sure sarcasm will help here @pike :blush: Please read again