"AutoSelfBCC" option for Mailserver

@saitobenkei summarize a “custom fragment” interesting enough to create for Postfix a secondary submit port.
If a user submits the messages on this port, every message sent will be automatically copied into the Sent folder.

In my very humble opinion, this feature should be “controlled” like this.

-toggle to enable/disable the feature
everthing follows should be disabled if the upper toggle is not enabled
-numeric field for inserting the custom port. Default should be upper than 1024, the validation should suggest if the ports conflict with any of the services installed.
-toggle to enable listening also from non-trusted networks, default off.
-allow non TLS-connection, default off.

The feature should not be working for non-authenticated users, even in trusted networks. The feature should drop the copy of the message ONLY on the sent folder.

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Hoping that this instance will be considered interesting by more persons…

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That reminds me an old question I asked formerly :

The answer were mostly like “bad practise” or “not supported” or “mail is not the right tool to do that”.

I tend to stay convinced that my user case is relevant and that a solution should exist.