How to install Nextcloud with Letsencrypt in NS7

NethServer Version: 7
Module: nextcloud


I have installed nextcloud, it has by default self-signed certificate. But i need lets-encrypt certs for nextcloud. So i have went trough Server-Certificate and pulled lets-encrypt certificate. But Still it is same issue. So please help me out, How i ll stick lets-encrypt on nextcloud.

Can you check if you have set the letsencrypt certificate as default. By default the certs are generated, but not set as default.


Thanks for reply !

example I have 2 subdomain and .

i have done is set as default by letsencrypt in server certificate. and for is generated but i don’t know how to link it with nextcloud subdomain. I want both subdomains working with letsencrypt.

I suspect that you generated the letsencrypt certificate twice, for each seperate domain. The last one will overrule the first one.

Try it again by entering all the domains in the box 1 domain name per line.

see, generation of certificate has successfully done, but issue is, its not reflecting on web page.

browser cache?

i am using private window and incognito. Now i have set self-signed certificate as default. and Both lets certificate are generated but how it will apply on subdomains. when i do default then it works for that specific sub-domain.

Please be aware that the certificates have nothing to do with nextcloud, they are bound to the domains at server level. Nextcloud is just an application.

can you see the details of the letsencrypt certificate in server certificate? Does it look ok? (Do NOT post the details!!)

Was there any error during after generating the letsencrypt certs on Nethserver webpage?

yes its generated without any an error ! if i ll set default it will work.

So it is correctly working now by setting the letsencrypt certs as default?

Yes but other subdomain is not working. i have to set ssl certs on both sub domains.

maybe a typo in the domain name?

no way !

How many certificates do you have from Let’s Encrypt? As @LayLow says, you must have all names that you want to use on a single cert. So if you have one cert for mattermost.domain and another for cloud.domain, that won’t work–you need a single cert for both mattermost. and cloud. (as well as any other names you might want to use, like www. or mail.).

how it will be possible ? i have generated 2 certs. which are different-2, now please assist on this.

You do what @LayLow said to do: generate a new certificate, and enter both (or all) relevant names in the box. Which is exactly what that page in the server manager tells you to do. Every domain name that you want to use with that certificate (including your mail server, general web server, LDAP, whatever is running on your Neth box) needs to appear on the cert. Enter them all.

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Like @LayLow said:

i have done both subdomains put into box and click on generate certificate. but not solved.

So what, exactly, is happening? My crystal ball is broken, so I can’t see what’s going on for you, and “not solved” only tells me that it isn’t doing what you expect it to be doing. What, exactly, did you do? What, exactly, did you expect to happen? What, exactly, did happen? Feel free to use more than one sentence to explain what’s going on.

Don’t forget to set it as default: