How to install Nextcloud with Letsencrypt in NS7

Sorry to bothered you !

Previous i have explained but now i do it more better, i have 2 sub domains, one is for mattermost and other is for nextcloud. Both name is like and Now i want to set letsencrypt for both sub-domains.
So which i performed steps for letsencrypt -
1- logged in admin pannel and went to server certificate.
2- click for letsencrypt certificates, and type sudomain in box “” and generated certificates successfully.
3- after same steps performed for other subdomain “”.
4- now there are three certificates 1- self-signed and 2 letsencrypt certificates.
5- when i open in browser or, it shows only self-signed certs.
6- if i default set for mattermost sub-domain, then in browser it shows me letsencrypt certs. same is with

Now i am looking solution for this.

In your step number 2 you need to put ALL subdomains in the box, each subdomain name on a seperate line in the SAME box. So no need for step number 3 for you create 1 certificate for ALL subdomains. NOT a seperate certificate for each subdomain, for only 1 can be set as default.

So edit 1 of the certificates and make sure you put ALL subdomains in the same box. Generate and then set THAT certificate as default.



Thanks for you guys have provided excellent support to solve this issue.

1- i have deleted old generated both different-2 certificates from command line. /etc/letsencrypt/live/
2- After this i have written both name in same box and regenerated certificates. And now both subdomains are working with letsencrypt.