How to effectively communicate NethServer packages update?


I discover a newupdate in the center software, a new kernel, openssh… Something relationed to security.

I was thinking:“Why official communication about Security Updates don’t exist yer?”

Who is pushing these update?
How these update are made?
Why there’s no communication about this important part.

Is it possible to create something ( an offical media, a newsletter, an annoucement) to comunicate about the NetServer security update?

Aren’t these pushed by the upstream CentOS team, outside the control of NS.

If anyone should be communicating these, it again should be CentOS.

Now, if NS should be testing these to make sure they don’t break anything is another question. :sunglasses:




Certainly there’s something to improve.
The updates are in the NethServer Software Center… Is under the NethServer responsability or not? That’s the question?

New updates by developers are here:[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&f[]=status_id&f[]=&group_by=&op[status_id]=c&set_filter=1&sort=updated_on%3Adesc%2Cid%3Adesc&utf8=✓

Other things are coming from CentOS repo as @EddieA has already suggested
@giacomo can clarify the matter better then me

As @EddieA said, base packages are under CentOS responsability. But you can be notified about them using this ML CentOS-announce CentOS announcements (security and general) will be posted to this list

That’s exactly what we do every day, by examining all the upstream updates! :wink:

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Ok, but as announcement by the CentOS is by mail subscription and
Our forum is Discourse, a sort of super mailling list.

I think there’s a way to combine both to have a communication about update,
particulary when it security update.

cc: @alefattorini

How it looks Software Management on Zentyal.
(some pictures are from VM and don’t looks good)

Zentyal Components → Install is equivalent with NethServer Software center → Available.
Zentyal Components → Delete is equivalent with NethServer Software center → Installed.
Zentyal Components → Update (only for Zentyal) is equivalent with NethServer Software center → Updates (All: NS and CentOS).
Zentyal System Updates (only for Ubuntu) is equivalent with NethServer Software center → Updates (All: NS and CentOS).

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I was thinking to a communication about security advisories like:

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