How to create your own NethServer mirror

That’s a good starting point. Awesome!

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it’s a dedicated CentOS7 vm on a NodeWeaver (HCI based on OpenNebula) running on OVH dedicated server. I put no limitations on the bandwidth so it can go up to 1 Gbps. If it gets too busy I’ll eventually ll resize the maximum bandwidth, but I don’t think that’s an issue.


tnx for mirroring @penzoiders
BTW i did not know nodeweaver… seems nice, i think i must investigate :slight_smile:

:heart_eyes: yeah! Thanks Lorenzo, we really appreciate it!

If you need any info or you want to try out just ping me (I’m in the product’s core team).

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hi @giacomo, I just noticed that the mirror I put in place looks like “4 days old” in the mirmon dashboard.

I’ve fixed the cron.d entry now… got a missed space in it. hope now will do fine.

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No problem at all, I will monitor it for a couple of days then add it to the list.

I really like the idea, let me know when we need to starting working on this :wink:

2 Likes is now an official NethServer mirror.

Thank you @penzoiders! :smile:


I would like to use nethserver as a mirrorserver for nethserver, proxmox, debian and ubuntu.

Can someone help me please to find the right commands and paths ?

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You can find all required info in the first post of this thread.

Regarding other distributions, please see their own documentation :slight_smile:

New Mirror :slight_smile:

I’ve just setup a new nethserver mirror :slight_smile:
Its connected with 1 Gbit/s
It syncs every 2 hrs at a random minute.
"Sponsor “Organisation” ":
Urls are:
HTTP: http:// (remove the ’ ', but i need to break the link this way because im a new user an so im only allowed to post 2 Links… :joy:)
Rsync; rsync:// //
Location: Germany
Contact mail (I will not read this topic so please write me an mail if i need to know anything!):

Have a nice day!


Great work @AlpixTM and thank you! :clap:

The mirror will be monitored by mirmon for few days, then it will be added to the official mirror list. :thumbsup:

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Thanks to @AlpixTM we have a new mirror in the list!

Just commited:


Hi everybody!
I just added a new mirror: :desktop:

Edit: I forgot! Also I just created a new subdomain

Thank you all!


Wow, we’re extending our network :slight_smile: so cool! Thanks

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I setup a Nethserver mirror on a Nethserver.

I hope 10Mbps are enough…maybe we use it for the slow updates :joy:

Used the virtualhost conf of @giacomo and added an Alias /mirror because I got a 403 forbidden when trying to connect to / directly:

<VirtualHost *:80>
Alias /mirror "/var/www/repos"


I had to erase the <VirtualHost …> lines because it deactivated the rewriting to https which caused errors in some webapps when using http.

Alias /mirror "/var/www/repos"
DocumentRoot "/var/www/repos"
<Directory /var/www/repos>
    Options +Indexes
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

Thank you for your kind donation. Let’s monitor it for a while, then your mirror will be added to the pool

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Hello again,

I managed to make another mirror out of a cheap webhost without possibility of configuring httpd, ssh and rsync.
The dates of the dirs are the actual ones and I can’t use symlinks as I am syncing via FTP, what doubles the size(NS repo usually has 3GB, on my webhost 6GB).
What I did:
Via FTP I created a “/webpages/mywebpage/mirror” directory, set rights to 755 and put a .htaccess file into it.

Options +Indexes
Options +FollowSymLinks

I fetched the repo via rsync as described in 1st post and I synced it to my webhost via FTP with lftp:

lftp -u FTPUSER,FTPPASS FTPSERVER -e "set ftp:ssl-allow no; mirror -RL /var/www/repos /; chmod -R g+r /; quit"

Iftp was not able to change the rights of uploaded files during transfer so I did it afterwards with chmod. My fallback Raspberry NS mirror does the ftp sync at the moment via a cron job.

If this dirty configured webhost mirror works correctly and it seems to, then we have a new mirror with SSL:

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Thank you again! Added to mirmon, let’s see if it’s stable enough :wink: