Talking about NodeWeaver

What?? Are we talking about this?

It looks very cool.

yes exactly. Next version will have an internal marketplace for virtual appliances, if you want it is possible to provide ready to go NethServer image to all users, just needs to have OpenNebula contextualization package installed (and eventually some extra context script to bypass initial setup) I can take care of setting this up.


This looks very interesting, I was looking for something similar while testing guacamole, a DesktopaaS platform such as this to provide guac users a desktop to log into, providing them just a thinclient… I started looking at opennebula but had to put it on hold because of lack of time, perhaps this could be a nice time to get back on it

Does nodeweaver allow login with vnc/rdp from outside to its VMs?

Is there a testable demo of this?

Thank you!

Maybe we’re getting a bit OT here.
Anyway we do use guacamole as well (with OpenNebula contextualization for network configuration and letsencrypt automatic certificate provisioning) it is delivered as a community provided virtual appliance and many users let their clients access through (mostly) RDP consoles to their Virual Desktops… if they can’t/won’t provide native clients (eg: in a ChromeOS-only client network guacamole is very useful).

You can think of NodeWeaver as a Plug&Play OpenNebula private cloud with its own distributed filesystem and all HighAvailability and automatic failure handling (from hardware to anything else), well trusted in mission critical scenarios as well as in bloody horrible SMB’s closet-datacenters. You can also interact through the standard OpenNebula XML-RPC APIs that are provided out of the box (as soon as I have time I was thinking about provisioning guacamole sessions by reading the running VMs through the APIs).

At NodeWeaver we do care about SMBs thus I’d love to provide a ready to go NethServer virtual appliance to all users since I think it’s one of the best (if not the best) full featured platform for this market segment.

I suggest to stop talking about NodeWeaver this in this thread/forum since is OT and I’m not here to advertise if you want any other info please PM me. :wink:


Just split the topic and move to #chat :slight_smile: so we can go OT

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