How to create QoS rules in 7.5?

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I’m back after a long absence due to my second son born on 25 april :star_struck:

I came back and installed the latest release with all due interest.

Question :

How to create those rules ? I went to the Traffic Shaping tab and tried to create a rule but wasn’t able to specify any priority.

BTW, I remember that QOS for VOIP traffic was handled automatically. Does it still apply ?




Reply to self : one has to create a traffic shaping class first by going to

The class appears in the Action dropbox when creating a new firewall rule.

Not so intuitive IMHO.

Congrats Matthieu and welcome back !

Do you know, is it possible to get QOS with just one Interface (green) or do I need also a 2nd one (red) for Traffic Shaping ?

I use a Linux Firewall and the NethServer as GW for/btw my Clients…

This happens only on updated installations if you didn’t have any QoS rule before.
In the new installed machines, and on updated machines with QoS rules, the classes are automatically created.

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Is there a workaround for help creating QoS rules, for updated installations?

The one suggested by Matthieu by following the manual.

Hi @fausp actually I’m not sure to understand how nethserver can be used as a gateway without a second interface…

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Above link seemingly down and cannot be reached.
Is there any tutorials that can be used?
I need to setup a QoS for an VIOP service (internal IP to have priority for RED interface)

Above link refers to a configuration page present on the old server manager.

The documentation for Traffic Shapping:

Thank you for the link. I did setup my traffic shaping, but I would like to be sure that I did it right

Above is my setting and I wanted to assign 10% of total bandwidth solely to my 3CX IP phone system.

My question is, did I make it right?

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Ils difficult to determine if your rules are working correctly. I remember I used some script that was showing the use of each rule but don’t remember where I found it. I will check my notebook from that times tomorrow.

Rule of thumb : if your bandwidth is not good, the VOIP will be bad. It’s not only the bandwidth that matters but also the jitter, the throughput, and so on. The traffic shaping handles some of the parameters but not all.

Difficult to test in real conditions. There are test tools to characterize the ability for your connection to handle voip correctly.

Hello Pagaille,

I believe in NethServer. My system settings should be correct. My question was more about the logic.

  • Is it correct to use HIGH Class?
  • Do I need to setup similar rule for incoming data?

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