How to configure Thunderbird with Sogo calendar and contacts (OpenLDAP)

This howto work in Nethserver 6.x and 7.x


In this how to omit the configuration of the mail server.
For this configuration, I refer you to the following howto:


Install Sogo and make available calendars and contacts on thunderbird


###Installing modules:
After you have installed and updated Nethserver, install the following modules from the Software Center:

  • Account Provider: OpenLDAP

and then

  • E-mail
  • SOGo groupware

Nethserver configuration:

From the menu Users and Group create users (eg. user1, user2)

###From PC:
Verify access to the Groupware by going to:
and entering credentials of a user (eg. user1)

Download and install Thunderbird and configure access to mail (IMAP).
From Tools/Options/Advanced, select Certificates tab and click View Certificates.
In the Server tab, select Add Exception and type:


Click Acquire certificate and then Confirming Security Exception.
Confirm the window with ok

Download Sogo Connector extensions:

From Tools/Add-ons

  • Search and install Lightning and restart thunderbird
  • From “Gear” icon, select Install add-on from file and choose downloaded Sogo connector and installs (restart thunderbird)

From File/New/Calendar create a network calendar.

  • Select CalDAV format and set path like:


The correct path can be found by logging on to the web interface of Sogo going in calendars and click on the three points to the right of the calendar and choosing link to this calendar (the correct link is in caldav)

  • Continue with Next and give it a name and a color
  • When required, enter login and password

Do the same for contacts:

  • Open the phone book and go to File/New/Remote address book
  • Give a name to the address book and set the path:


also in this case the correct path and verifiable in sogo web interface going in the three points to the address book.

Now we install one last addon thunderbird: Imap-ACL-Extension. (To do only if you need to share contacts and calendars from thunderbird)

This addon allows different levels of sharing (read-only, editing …)

To set up sharing you need to position yourself in the calendar tab, right click on the calendar, and select share

Two rules already exist for authenticated access and the public (both set to block access). To create a new rule, select the incona add (the first), choose the user and add it. With a double click on the new rule, assign specific rights

Similarly, you can share specific user’s mail folders.


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