How important is having people-people here?

As you already know here in NethServer Community we try to become the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the open source space (and not just…)
Recently I watch an amazing TED interview to Linux Torvalds and in one of his answers he said the sentence below. What do you think about? How important is having people-people in our community?


I think its very important to have people-people in the community.

I do recognise that there are people who are a bit like Linus (not to mention any names in particular) who are not people-people and just care about the technology, which is fine. They definitely have their own niche in the community and get certain things done with the distro which may take too long to get done (if at all).

However, most of the people out there who will use the distro are people-people in some form and its good to have them in the community.


It is very true what Linus says, people-people are needed to support, locate errors in the system, friendly people, with human warmth they know that the benefit is not one but of the whole community.

People who know what the horizon to go, and from that way to sow to reap the fruit of success in every corner of the world.

Indeed, thanks for replying, having people who just care about the technology it’s extremely important but I have noticed in many support community they have just a few of people-people and a lot of just technical people!
High technical people have just a problem, they’re extremely focused on the “tech” issue forgetting to give the deserve attention to the human being, so sometimes you need someone to take care of it

What do you think? How do you recognize a people-people ? :slight_smile:

I think you recognize a people-people as someone who is always willing to provide a suggestion or comment in a way that doesn’t make the other individual feel like an idiot or belittles them, someone who has a willing to reach out to his fellow man just to give a bit of help. Tech people are naturally more introverted but if they can break out of their shell they will find more fulfillment with people-people interaction.

You gotta remember that tech got made somehow, by a person.

Well ok a robot probably made it but someone had to design it :laughing:


@Admsjas has summed it up nicely.

Sorry for not fleshing it out nicely - my mind is on other matters today

That’s a perfect description, I always hope that - here in the community - we try to have the same voice and same tone, aligned with these guidelines.