How I can get up multiwan when goes down

Hello… How I can get up the multiwan when goes down; and why goes down the conection.?

Hello @kristian1369,

maybe this helps:

Inside the event, the action nethserver-shorewall-wan-update invokes:

shorewall enable <interface> when a red interface is usable
shorewall disable <interface> then a red interface is not usable

Why one wan goes up and te other goes down… how I can get up th wan down…?

Did you try giving both WANs the same weight?

yes they have the same 100

Maybe change Check IP in Multiwan settings to servers that are reachable from both WANs.

See /var/log/firewall.log to check for up/down events.

Were is the error… what mistake I do.?

Looks like firewall rejecting DNS requests from to Google DNS, maybe because a WAN is down.
You may create a rule from to port 53 but it’s strange that DNS is forbidden.
Another method would be to try to setup multiwan again following the docs step by step. Maybe some step was missing.

You may also provide the output of

shorewall show routing
db networks show

I hoped to see it in the firewall logs…

You still have the setup we talked about here?

If yes, I still don’t think that you need multiwan, just two green zones so no problem with WANs going down…