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How I can configure 2 diferents LAN and have the 2 LAN working at the same time, one of the LANs is only internet and the other is a data link that have the DNS service.

How I can get up multiwan when goes down
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Hi @kristian1369,

you have roles in NS, see

You may use blue guest role for the only Internet lan and green role for LAN with server access.

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Can I send you a grafic what I want to do…?

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For sure! Please just post it here…

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OK, I think you’ll need 3 network interfaces in your Nethserver, one for the 10.0.x.x network, one for the internal vlanned network and one for the WAN network. This makes Nethserver to your router to manage traffic from one network to another.

Network roles, 2 x green, 1 x red:

This worked for me in a quick VM test:

Choose green role for the internal LANs:

Hope I understood you right…

(Christian Plaza) #7

I have this only with te conection of internet.

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Looks good. In this case the blue network can only access internet, but not the green zone. Does it work?

(Christian Plaza) #9

I connect a network card only but not configure; you mean that the service of internet goes to the guest and the link data goes to the green…? and I would have internet and the service of dns…?
I don´t have to configure any firewall… ?

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In the schema below, traffic is permitted from left to right and blocked from right to left:


Do you mean, you use DHCP?

Yes, but I couldn’t test it at the moment. Green(internal LAN) is allowed to red(WAN) and blue(link data). It should work.

Yes, it just has to be setup correctly on the clients or via DHCP.

In this case you configured it with the roles.

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Ok i will try that configuration; if I can´t you can connect via teamviewer…

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Just let me know when you tested it…

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ok let you know.

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Hello… I do the configuration but dosen´t work; one question how I can activate the multiwan…?

If you can chat by whatsapp or telegram

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Hi @kristian1369,

It’s explained in the docs:

(Christian Plaza) #16

thanx I can solved the problem.