How have you known about NethServer?

Woah, so it was used to something. Good to know :smile:

Found NethServer by [distrowatch][1] but I don’t remember why I choose the 26th
choice :stuck_out_tongue: but so far so good i’m glad.


Who’s to blame? A formerly great distro popular with a wide range of guys suddenly took turns which is unpopular. And while looking for answers, someone chimes in “c’mon, check out Neth Server” while Zentyal people basically throws “if you do not want to use Zentyal, then nobody is asking you to, besides, you are not a paying customer” (okay, not that, but it sounded like it) And upon checking, it may be a different animal but offers more or less the same features with a lively, supportive community.

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I everybody,

Like certain persons, I came from Zentyal’s forum. Their orientation (remove modules which I need) was a “good think” because I found Nethserver who’s easy to install, to use and the community active!


I first started looking into NethServer after I saw a comment on Spiceworks in a thread about Untangle, ClearOS, and Zentyal. I plan on using it for router/UTM features in several locations. So far, it looks amazing!

please, could you point me out the link?

Sure thing:

Ehi @jim @dz00te @GG_jr @Nas how have you known about NethServer?


I was looking for a firewall appliance for my HP Microserver Gen8.
For a obscur ventilation issue, it must be a Redhat or Suse derivate, so I discard Endian, Untangle Pfsense…
With Google, I make three choices: ClearOS, Nethserver and finally a Cent OS self made firewall.

I`ve tried ClearOS, it was good, really easy turnkey distribution, but too comercial for my home use, on each webgui page on the right there the “vendor information” and “support policy” that give me the sentiment that my HP Microserver is not mine :cold_sweat:

I give a look at my second choice, Nethserver… And It`s okay for me.

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That’s a great story thanks man!
Hope everyone will follow your example

i honestly don’t remember… but probably from sme devinfo mailing list


Of course, from Zentyal Forum! :wink:

As I said here:

“I read about NethServer on ZENTYAL forum and I want to try it.
Till now I like it. And the NethServer Team! They read and answer on this forum! WOW!”



Hi, I have small home network, 9 mac mini’s, 3 linux machines, two windows and several NAS devices giving 140TB of storage.
Part of my day to day life, is doing the coal face grind of a Senior Software Developer. The remainder is carved between family and tinkling with my growing ‘Command Centre’ has my partner calls it.
I came across Nethserver when looking for a server only os, my requirement was a thin os , with no fancy colour rich, notification nagged, glizzy interface.
I first tried Nethserver on a Parallels install on one of the test Mac minis.
I was astounded who quickly an deasy it was to install. The question now was what can I do with?
How restricted is it?
How difficult is it to administer?
I found the documentation a little lite on the info I needed, but after a few Google searches I found enough to get me up and running.
Several months on, I now have 3 servers running NethServer, the first ( and most important to me) is a sandpit machine. This I use to play with different software or configuration. I can break as often as I like and reset quickly(using a parallels snapshot).
The other two are the workhorses, they have replaced two Mac mini’s. The first is a Web Server/Java Container/ and LDAP service provider. I have yet to get this machine (i7 3.4Ghz 16GB ram) to get above 7% CPU usage. The Mac mini regularly hit 60%.
The second is a network monitoring service provider. I run Adagios to report on my NAS, Mac mini’s and a bank of switches and routers.
My Linux background started with Caldera 2.0 back in the early 2000’s, I have tried a large percentage of the versions available on DistroWatch. None have really given me what I needed, perhaps, to some degree Gentoo. But spending 5 days to get the os up and running grow thin.
Nethserver has become my OS of choice for servers, it’s fast, lean and very capable. It would be easy to sit back and say the documentation on certain areas could be better, perhaps there is an opportunity to offer what I did to get my Adagios monitoring up and running. Including adding additional modules and what I use, configuration wise, to monitor my NAS drives.
Anyway, I’ve waffled enough.
I could have just said “I’m impressed”, but that wouldn’t have done NethServer justice.
Needles to say, I’d like to get involved … some how???


Yep for sure you are responsible of the global warming, I’m kidding, it is impressive :slight_smile:

Nethserver is a community project which needs volunteers in several places

more you are skilled, more you are valuable, and if you are a zero skilled man, then it is a good occasion to learn with developers and other involved guys.

The most harder is to start, after you won’t want to stop :slight_smile:

The documentation side is often a good start to help, often when you write a good tutorial, it ends by a new module, @robb can testify :slight_smile:

You can start a project on github and ask to others for playing with you, @areguera started like this.

The most important thing to recall : do something!

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I found it in Zentyal Forum!

and Zentyal I found here:

ALARM!! there’s no Nethserver…:slight_smile:


Just edited this doc with your suggestions :slight_smile: I am going to move it on the main site soon.
Any other feedback?

How can I contribute to the NethServer project?[quote=“maddin, post:24, topic:1133”]
ALARM!! there’s no Nethserver…

@robb already did some editing work but it wasn’t accepted by Wikipedia :frowning:

Yes I did. For me there is no way I can get through the arrogant behaviour of the moderators at wikipedia. That’s for me the main reason why I refuse to do any work on wikipedia.
I am glad we have a more tolerant community towards new members.

Hi Rob - greetings to Belgium

You gotta know I’m notoriously paranoid!

“I am glad we have a more tolerant community towards new members.” - I’m still looking for what I could have done wrong as a new member …: D

So, I have not looked at the others in the list by now - but what is against the request to create a separate NS-Wikipedia article to get to the list?

OK, I may not belong to the target group of NS, but I think NS is super, this simple installation (also of modules), and I am certainly not the only one who searches alternatives at Wikipedia to the one he has found so far…

Hi @maddin. Don’t take me wrong here. I have nothing against a NethServer wikipedia page. But I am not going to be the one to fight the wikipedia moderators.
I am probably doing something wrong, but I don’t seem to be able to create a wikipedia page that is ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of the wikipedia police.
So, feel free to create on. Just don’t ask me to participate in it. I have wasted too much time and energy in creating a wikipedia page (for several opensource projects) that got deleted by the mods overthere.

We want you here :slight_smile: