How have you known about NethServer?

You’re landed on this community or on reading something somewhere: review, tweet, distrowatch, personal email, meeting and so on…
Could you please share where and how? We need a plan for “Conquer the entire world with NethServer” so your help can be really important.
I want at least 372 replies! :smile:
Thanks in advance!

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I moved a post to a new topic: NethServer template/manifesto in each language

I had Zentyal installed and some problems. I was going through the release news of Zentyal 4.1 and the comments of other users. Some features are not anymore available and one comment was to change to NethServer.
First I had a look in the manual and tried the online version. Because everthing was ther what I needed and especially this good manual :smile: let me decide to change.

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So, Zentyal Forum! Good to know :wink:

Google, searching the replacement of Zentyal.
I saw ClearOS, Untangle, UCS, etc etc. Then, I found Nethserver, and I liked the name :smile:
Also read it on the Zentyal forums, after the search.
Tried the on line version, and now, testing at lab.

Honestly, I forgot. But I really think it’s from a search for email server (when SOGo showed up for NS) which lead me here. Glad I found it…another learning curve but really a nice suite of features/tools coupled with active community.

Other runners-up in my mind is through Zentyal forums and tech blogs.

Zentyal forum, from other disgruntled users looking for a replacement that fulfills the original goals of Zentyal, not the road they have taken lately.


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Curious, a bunch of people from Zentyal forum, any other sources?

A few places, I had a couple of contribs/esmith servers in the past and remember some talk on the lists there.

Most recently in the Zentyal forums and Linux Voice or possibly Linux Format magazine reminded me to check Nethserver out again.

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Woah, so it was used to something. Good to know :smile:

Found NethServer by [distrowatch][1] but I don’t remember why I choose the 26th
choice :stuck_out_tongue: but so far so good i’m glad.


Who’s to blame? A formerly great distro popular with a wide range of guys suddenly took turns which is unpopular. And while looking for answers, someone chimes in “c’mon, check out Neth Server” while Zentyal people basically throws “if you do not want to use Zentyal, then nobody is asking you to, besides, you are not a paying customer” (okay, not that, but it sounded like it) And upon checking, it may be a different animal but offers more or less the same features with a lively, supportive community.

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I everybody,

Like certain persons, I came from Zentyal’s forum. Their orientation (remove modules which I need) was a “good think” because I found Nethserver who’s easy to install, to use and the community active!


I first started looking into NethServer after I saw a comment on Spiceworks in a thread about Untangle, ClearOS, and Zentyal. I plan on using it for router/UTM features in several locations. So far, it looks amazing!

please, could you point me out the link?

Sure thing:

Ehi @jim @dz00te @GG_jr @Nas how have you known about NethServer?


I was looking for a firewall appliance for my HP Microserver Gen8.
For a obscur ventilation issue, it must be a Redhat or Suse derivate, so I discard Endian, Untangle Pfsense…
With Google, I make three choices: ClearOS, Nethserver and finally a Cent OS self made firewall.

I`ve tried ClearOS, it was good, really easy turnkey distribution, but too comercial for my home use, on each webgui page on the right there the “vendor information” and “support policy” that give me the sentiment that my HP Microserver is not mine :cold_sweat:

I give a look at my second choice, Nethserver… And It`s okay for me.

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That’s a great story thanks man!
Hope everyone will follow your example

i honestly don’t remember… but probably from sme devinfo mailing list