How community is helping NethServer?

Community is, of course, the place where you go to discuss NethServer. The community is for people who care about NethServer. They’re willing to go one step further, to come together and spend even more of their time deciding how to improve and support it.

We explicitly do everything in public. We spend a lot of time on bugs, feature requests, discussions, and support questions. It’s intentionally the opposite of an ivory tower development—community makes NethServer better and more successful, since our aim is to have a widespread, innovative, robust, and well-tested product. For this reason, listening to your community is extremely important because feedback is great!

“Some posts and efforts are pure gold that have the potential to make the product clearly better for everyone, provided you have the intestinal fortitude to look at a hundred posts.”

Taken from this article


Excellent interview! :beers:

I agree, great interview! And cheers :beers: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: for NethServer (with the upcoming v.7, which by the way, seemingly have nice features)

This is a briefly overview about how community is driving NethServer development, these are all issue borned and discussed here and developed/released into the core. It’s not complete, just a few examples:

###New features:

###Bug reported

###In the target: