Hotsync doesn't work

NethServer Version: 7.4-1708
Module: hotsync 2.0.1

I wanted to test hotsync.

I installed hotsync according to and did the configuration on 2 machines.

config show hotsync

But nothing happens. I see in cron.log every 15 minutes:
CROND[14345]: (root) CMD (/usr/sbin/hotsync > /dev/null )

Cron entry is in /etc/cron.d

When I try to execute /usr/sbin/hotsync I get:

hotsync error: rsync returned 10. rsync output:
rsync: failed to connect to ( Connection refused (111)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(122) [sender=3.0.9]

I outcommented last line in /usr/sbin/hotsync for debiging.

Same error messages as above every 15 minutes in /temp/hotsync.log

Did I do something wrong or is there somthing missing in the docs?

Can you please help me @Stll0

Thanks in advance.

Did you try to specify the IP for the MasterHost in the config ?
Is the slave reachable to ping etc etc ?

Hi Bogdan, thanks for answering.

Tried to set Master IP:


slave is reachable.

Same result.

Just check that the rsync is running on your master
See if you can see the service running

o.k. started rsyncd and enabled it.

Now I get:
hotsync error: rsync returned 5. rsync output:
@ERROR: Unknown module 'hotsync’
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1516) [sender=3.0.9]

and Hotsync is installed on both servers i presume ? :smiley:

what you get if you run this:
rsync --list-only rsync://

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Sorry @flatspin, we did a new release without properly update documentation :disappointed_relieved:
Please, check last instruction here
particularly, you should use
signal-event nethserver-hotsync-save
instead of
signal-event nethserver-hotsync-update


here is already fixed


nethserver-hotsync-save helped. No more error.

Thx a lot.
On my testinstallation backup module is not enabled, cause IMO it would be useless with hotsync. Right?
But rsync isn’t enabled with out backup? So hotsync should check wether rsync is up or not. Or at least it should be mentioned in the docs to check.

On the slave there a no modules installed. I read here:

That means in at least one hour, the slave should be a clone of the master, without installing a module by myself. Correct?

Thanks for helping also to @ctek

If you are in a testing environment, it’s ok not having a backup, but in production, hotsync isn’t a substitute for backup. For instance, if you remove a file, it would be removed also on slave…

Almost. All RPMs are installed on slave to speed up restore, but events aren’t executed. That means that you haven’t configuration templates expanded in configuration files, stopped services and closed firewall ports. Slave become a clone when you restore it.

Good point, Didn’t think about that. :blush:

Thanks for explanation. Now I got it! :+1: :smile:

Tomorrow I’ll test the restore. It’s a testenviroment in proxmox, so everything is fine. Just wanted to test.

EDIT: looks funny (from master)

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Let us know how it works!

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Hi @Stll0 , I want to report my experinces with hotsync restore.

I shut down server1 and did hotsync promote from console and watched the output :nerd_face:
Two errors:

The php71 results from onlyoffice I think.
The mailserver error?? Don’t know why.

After that: signal-event post-restore-data and wait until finish.

Login works on 2nd machine.
Sogo login works, calendar with events o.k., mail doesn’t work.
Nextcloud: Page is not reachable => could be from onlyoffice / nginx, which is not supported officially
All installed modules are present.
FQDN was changed, but login show old name.
AD with user and groups are present and working.

All i all it seems to work.

PS: during hotsync-promote fail2ban occupied 100% cpu (1 core from 4) for a long time.

But I don’t think that this is reasonable in any question.

I will try again with a machine without only office, just with officially supported modules and a clean installed slave.

Hope this helps.

nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm wasn’t installed because it is in nethserver-testing repository that’s disabled. hotsync-slave command, that installs packages on slave, should have emailed you this error. You can fix on slave by launching
yum install --noplugins --enablerepo=nethserver-testing nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm
–noplugins ensure that no nethserver events is executed (but on a slave it’s the default)

About mail, could you please give me more logs about the error? You should see something more in /var/log/messages

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fail2ban parses logfiles. You could have used the strace command to see what it was doing. I suspect it’s “normal” fail2ban behaviour.
@stephdl what do you think?

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something in logs @flatspin ?

tailf /var/log/fail2ban.log

Sorry, I wanted to start a second test with a clean machine an destroyed this one allready.

It was not a really clean machine. Rollback in Proxmox, so this could have caused something.
I don’t want you to break your head with somthing which was caued by my laziness. :wink:

I’ll give a feedback with second try. This time with a really clean installation.


You’re becoming an HotSync expert :slight_smile: thanks for your tests

So I did it again… :smile:
Complete fresh installation from iso 7.4.1708 + updates and hotsync as slave.
I named the server “slave.jeckel.lan”.
Setup a NS7 AD “all-in-one-box” with 1x red + 1x green, Proxy, FW, IPS, ufdb, openvpn, samba, NC, Sogo, ntop, bandwidth. Installed hotsync and enabled rsync on both machines. Tested hotsync with manual command. o.k. waited about 1,5 hours checked the logs and saw hotsync-cron running.
Everything’s fine so far.
Sendet a mail from admin to user and return (Sogo), created a event in Sogo. Created a file in NC with user. Created a samba share and put a file in it. Created a white list and a black list domain in webfilter.
Created my own selfsigned server certificate on command line, with rootC and serverCA for HSTS problem with newer opera, chrome and firefox versions and confirmed that that worked.

Then switched off master and did hotsync-promote on slave.
As if by magic, the machine started to install every module and set it self up as new master.

Now checked the interfaces: configuration of green and red o.k.
Then signal-event post-restore-data

Share is here with file, NC-login works, file is present, white + black list is present, IPS rules are correct, FW rules are correct, ntop works. SSH port is set to 2222. VPN settings are correct.
So far so good. Seems that most things are working after my “virtual desaster”. :scream:

But a few little things are missing:
Sogo login works, event is synced, but no mail account is set.
But mails are present in vmail folder.
When I go to graphs it shows the old FQDN with unknown host:
In Domain accounts the part under “join is o.k.” is missing:
The accounts provider page is correct. Users and groups are present.

If I find anythings else I will report.

Nevertheless is this a geat work!! And it’s still in beta, so clearly not everythings is working perfectly.

So long my friends.


Solved the Sogo-problem. The owner of the mail folders was suricata after hotsync-promote. Changed owner of mailfolders to vmail (chown -R vmail:vmail vmail) and then Sogo worked.

After reboot CGP works also.

But the nsdc-service doesn’t start at boot. Enableing nsdc doesn’t help ether, but manual start works.