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Hello, I’m new to Nethserver. I’m considering switching from pfSense.

I would like to have two servers. ONe on the edge of my network for internet access and other firewall functions. I would also like another server to handle internal tasks such as fine server and Domain Controller. If I buy one subscription for the $85 basic pacckage, will I be able to use that single subscription for both servers? Poor student on a budget here but wan to support the community and get timely updates.


Hi Sean

Welcome to the NethServer Community!

I’m a network consultant and have about 25-30 SME clients (and some friends Home Server) running NethServer as main server, offering AD, File, Mail, NextCloud, Zabbix Monitoring and a lot more.
NethServer is fantastic and has one of the best forum and members I’ve ever seen in Open Source!

Almost all my NethServers run virtualized in Proxmox, providing me Snapshots, Live Backups (Besides NethServers own Backups!) and fast Migration, if more than 2 Proxmox are running. Proxmox is just as free as NethServer, it’s up to you if you want to use a subscription or not. Supporting the community with a subscription is always a good thing!

Note: I do not use NethServer as firewall. All my clients / friends use OPNsense as a firewall, if you’re familiar with PFsense, try it’s fork. Both have very similiar features, I find OPNsenses approach better: No paid “enterprise” versions with more features, completly free to use. No subscriptions, but paid support if you want or need it! I’ve never needed this, it has always worked.
OPNsense has also full HA capability, any combination of physical or virtual - and yes, OPNsense runs very well and sleek in Proxmox too. Most of my clients use their box, supporting that community this way. The SoHo modell is basically a PCengines box with Flash and Software loaded.
Updates are very regular (once a month) and is a simple click in the WebGUI. Only every second one requires a reboot.

NethServer very rarely requires a reboot!

Nevertheless, NethServer has a fully loaded firewall built-in, if anyone uses it. I do have a NethServer set up as a firewall, for testing purposes!

See here for some ideas:

That said: NethServer or this community has never let me down!

You’re welcome to ask if you have any questions!

My 2 cents


Hello Andy,

Thanks for your reply. I’m getting started with ProxMox on my new server so I’ll check out that link.

There’s just one thing I am still curious about.
“”“If I buy one subscription for the $85 basic Crostino pcckage, will I be able to use that single subscription for both servers or do I need to pay $85 per server? I’m aware of the completely free version but prefer access to the stable updates repos. Poor student on a budget here but want to support the community and get timely updates.”""
This isn’t stated in the license anywhere.

Thanks for your time.

Warm regards,

Hi Sean!

I’m not sure about the Subscription on two servers, you’ll have to wait a bit until @alefattorini or someone else is online, to have that answered correctly. He’s the marketing guy here! :slight_smile:

Proxmox and NethServer are a great team!

BTW, out of sheer curiosity, where are you located? I’m in Switzerland, right on the german border on the lake of Constance!

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Oregon, United States.

Thanks for tying in @alefattorini I like to network. I’m already impressed at how quickly someone responded to my post without even hesitation with a lot of detail. Great first impression!


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Hello Sean :slight_smile:

A subscription is valid only for a single machine, it can be moved by one server to another but you can’t use it on both servers at the same time.
I also didn’t see where 85$ comes from, the Crostino subscription is 48€, about 54$.

My advise is: just install NethServer and use it. When you are satisfied, you can buy a subscription for your most important server or … just to support the project! :wink:

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Welcome Oregon!

Like I said above, I’m of the sincere opinion that this is one of the BEST communities in Open Source!

One way of my supporting this great community is by providing a friendly responce to every newcomer (or old hand) whom I feel I can provide help , tips or directions!

There are plenty of people here with the same or more engagement and knowhow!

And the amazing thing about this community: It’s not only helpful with NethServer issues, as is typical on other forums, but almost anything else in IT or outside!

Proxmox or other virtualization? covered!
Integrate a Raspberry or NethServer on a Raspi? covered!

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Welcome to the community,
first I want to say, the motto of this community is:

Only non asked questions are stupid questions, so don’t be shy to ask.

After testing, Updates are always sent out to community version first. At the community are a lot of people who have a test server and try the updates. If there are no problems they will be sent out (after a week as I remember correctly) to subscription version.
If you use proxmox you also can do a snapshot before updating, but of course a subscription helps this wonderful community and the developers of Nethserver.

Regards Michael


Great, thank you so much for your quick reply!

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I’m late to the party Sean, so many real NethServerians got ahead of me.

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I do have another question related to above. It’s been suggested I use community version. Does the comunity version include signature updates for intrusion detection and antivirus, etc?


Morning Sean!

Yes, the community version includes ClamAV updates AND also for IntrusionDetection. Even Blacklists with eg Parental Control are included!

AFAIK (at least!). ClamAV I use myself at home, this works very well.

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