"New subfolder" vs "New main folder"

Hi everybody!

Inside a WebTop email account, there is possibility to create two kind of folders: “new subfolder” and/or “new main folder”.
Are there functional (share, sync related to different desktop email clients - Outlook, Thunderbird - , …) differences between subfolder and main folder?



Does that clear it up for you?


Hi @alefattorini,

Thank you for the answer.
I know where the folders can be created.
I don’t know if there are functional differences between them, regarding the position (hierarchy). Are equal?
A folder is sub folder of the Inbox, the other is main folder as the Inbox is.
How these folders “works”? There are differences, let’s say, regarding the sync or share between accounts?
In Thunderbird, using IMAP, I cannot create a “new subfolder” of the Inbox, I can create only “new main folder”. After that, in WebTop I can “move” it as subfolder.
In WebTop, I can create both types.
But, maybe is a stupid question.


Could somebody help?

I don’t know how Webtop manage them but I can’t get your problem
What issue are you trying to resolve?

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Hi @alefattorini,

So far, I’ve used SOGO as a webmail client, but only for “just in case”.
All of my clients (and I) use Outlook or Thunderbird as a desktop email client for their PCs and / or notebooks. When they are on vacation, they have the email app on their smartphones, so the webmail client is used very rarely, or not at all.
Now, I want to offer to my clients, in addition to email services, cloud services. For this, I have tried to established an “integrated solution”, based on NethServer, of course, with Nextcloud and WebTop due to the good interconnection between them.
For this, I removed SOGO and installed WebTop. I started testing and working with Nextcloud, WebTop, Outlook and Thunderbird, watching how all these applications interact one with each other.
That’s how I came to ask this question. I have no issue, I just curious to know if there is a difference between the two folders, depending on where they are created.
I think it was just a stupid question that can be closed now, as a stupid question. It doesn’t deserve more discussion.

Kind regards,

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I don’t think it’s a stupid question. @alefattorini has once written a nice sentence, which for me is the motto of this forum:

Only a not asked question is a stupid question!

Perhaps @webtop_team has an answer for you.

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