Homarr App:-Dashboard for your Server

Homarr- A simple, yet powerful dashboard for your server. is now Available on Nethserver 8 as an App

compgeniuses/ns8-homarr: Nethserver 8 App for Homar https://homarr.dev/ (github.com)
Soon Enough Nethserver will have a tone of Apps, Many of which you re already using in your Home labs and Businesses, Sometime keeping tack of the Actual Links becomes a headache.

A Web Dashboard to the Rescue here:


  • :paintbrush: Highly customizable with an extensive drag and drop grid system
  • :sparkles: Integrates seamlessly with your favorite self-hosted applications
  • :pushpin: Easy and fast app management - no YAML involved
  • :speak_no_evil: Advanced secretsโ€™ management system for enhanced security
  • :page_facing_up: Detailed documentation and active community
  • :mag: Search through the web or supported integrations in an instant
  • :black_flag:๓ ง๓ ข๓ ฎ๓ ฉ๓ ฒ๓ ฟ Monitor your application with a built-in status system
  • :lobster: Comprehensive built-in icon picker with over 7000 icons
  • :whale: Easy deployment with Docker, unRAID, and Synology
  • :rocket: Compatible with any major consumer hardware (x86, Raspberry Pi, old laptops, โ€ฆ)
  • :dollar: Free and Open-Source - your data stays on your device. No telemetry data.

You can download configuration files in the settings menu, and store them in homarr data directory, Then chose which config you want to load in the settings menu

add-module ghcr.io/compgeniuses/homarr:latest 1

Access the App from the top right App menu

Configure your Settings

You SHould be able to access the App from the Web address

Configure your Administrative Details

Define your first Link

Both internal and external Links, for internal

you need to check at http routes

You Should Finally have your Dashboard Setup

Explore, Repot anything.

The tool is supposed to Have Automatic Docker Integration, Since we are USing Podman, the docker Sock has been been disabled.
:person_raising_hand: Single Sign On | Homarr documentation
The Tool Does Support OIDC as well as Ldap

AUTH_LDAP_BASE="dc=example,dc=com" // Same as LLDAP_LDAP_BASE_DN


Environment Variable Description Default value
AUTH_LDAP_URI URI of your LDAP server โ€”
AUTH_LDAP_BASE Base dn of your LDAP server โ€”
AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN User used for finding users and groups โ€”
AUTH_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD Password for bind user โ€”
AUTH_LDAP_USERNAME_ATTRIBUTE Attribute used for username uid
AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_CLASS Class used for querying groups groupOfUniqueNames
AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_MEMBER_ATTRIBUTE Attribute used for querying group member member
AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_MEMBER_USER_ATTRIBUTE User attribute used for comparing with group member dn
AUTH_LDAP_ADMIN_GROUP Admin group admin
AUTH_LDAP_OWNER_GROUP Owner group admin

IF Someone could help me with the Variables for Nethserver Ldap, We can pre-apply them for the given App.

Ill work also on figuring out the Ldap Authentication for Nethserver 8, so that its tightly integrated for user management
Let me know if its required, and how it would work with current Nethserver Setup

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Hi @oneitonitram,

your efforts are really commendable. However, I wonder if and to what extent this external software affects the security of NS 8 and if you end up opening security holes in the system yourself.



Hello, thank you for your inputs.
this is only a link management Dashboard, it has not difference to as much as using bookmarks on your browser

This is a widely used tool, with almost 5k stars on github, if there is a security issue, it would be easy to take note of.

BEfore embarking on any tools, I first Do my reasearch, take a look at the Issues page Issues ยท ajnart/homarr (github.com)

as well as the Pull requests pages of the said tools Pull requests ยท ajnart/homarr (github.com)

Now, this specific Dashboard tool, actually has a CVE tracking Widget, if you check the first posted image, so it actually helps you keep track of security issues.

Homarr, has Authentication for accessing the dashboards, and therefore is actually more safer than using your browser bookmark.

by my understanding, All or most Apps by default are running rootless within Nethserver 8.

In consideration of what many tools on a server might mean, i have been looking into an in integration of a Security Monitoring and tracking Aggregation tool here

compgeniuses/ns8-copilot: this is an ns8 App for copilot https://github.com/socfortress/CoPilot from SOCFORTRESS

IT integrates into one dashboard, the following security monitoring tools

integrations with the following tools:

Contrary to what you might think, Most APPS i implement, I have done a big deal of research into them, asked questions in discord, watched reviews and many considerations before embarking on working on them

Equally, Some of the tools, as tools i have used before, and that people are installing and using in their home labs, and business use cases.

I am only providing an easy access method for deploying them, It does not prevent anyone in any way from installing them on their servers. Infact, by making them into an App, there are limitations pre-applied by Nethserver than allowing arbitrary installs.

Most are tools requested in some capacity within the forum before by community members and hey, i am not running all these tools, especially not on all on the same server, or even same server cluster.

@transocean what security observations and researvations might you have or have observed?

there is a dscussion here on disbaling public access for some apps

NS8 on VPS - restrict access to webservices - Support - NethServer Community

Am following app on the same with @stephdl to see how the same could be implemented for some apps, but generally its a feature i think would be worked on in near future on the core

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