Should we rename module to application or app?


A NS8 application is implemented by a unit called module. It is usually composed of one or more Linux containers and a user interface for its configuration.

The terms application and module are almost synonims in the context of NethServer 8, however there can be modules that actually do not implement applications because they are just services for other modules, so they do not provide any user configuration interface at all.

I would add a tag called app to identify all the discussions about ns8 applications
What do you think?

And I would rename
NS8-GLPI Module - First Pre Release

to NS8-GLPI App- First Pre Release

In this way we can shortly identify new ns8 apps from ns7 modules.
I think it could be easier to understand for newcomers as well.



Yes, the Software Center lists applications, the term module sounds more technical. I think it was not stated clearly but also in ns7 we have the same meaning since Cockpit- based UI was released

Currently between the developer delivery as container and the version which install NS8 are “closer” then what was on NS7. No software without proper adaptation and (if possible) integration can be installed on Application Server NS8.
Module is still more correct than Application, or App.

In the current scheme of things, we define the main “app” inside a module as an app.


So realistically speaking, how could the thing that hosts multiple apps and components be called an app.

We also have “module” implementations who’s only function. Is to or would be integrated to other systems.

Eg. Coturn, ldap, collabora, and in future others,

Should they all then be called apps? Should we and could we have some differentiation between. Those that are full apps and whose implementation is for full utilization,


Those that are component modules whose function is to be used in relation with others? What do we call them?

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You can name the units as you want: it is an internal.

Your “-app” is a container name. The thing that hosts them is a module.

See above.

What is shown to the cluster-admin user in the Software Center is a list of “apps”.


They are apps, I’m sorry! Is it really necessary to argue it??

For a non techie the name app resonates alot more than the word module.

I would propose this, if it makes sense.
For useable systems, like the normal modules we have, let’s call them Apps


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If you want to call it app, because (I won’t go deep into this because it’s pointless for me, i feel decision is already taken), call it app. You don’t need to sweat-coat it and make it look that community can say something meaningful to it.

A podman or docker container needs adaptation from the delivered one by developer, and needs approval from at least one of the repositories to appear there.
You might say “just like any smartphone app”. Yeah, just like it.
Oh wait, NS8 is not even an OS? Yep…

I think we are going off-topic since the beginning of this thread. Alessio is only asking developers if they want to adhere to a title+tag convention for their module/application discussion threads.

Yep, and it would be useful to distinguish them from old NS7 modules.

i must agree, its defintely going to be alot of work for me…

Ill work on the renaming of all modules into Apps, about on the Threads opened here, as well as github repos for the said apps. >< aPPS ><

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I wouldn’t spend time on that…

Not on past threads, just for new ones… Alessio can tag past threads as wanted :wink:

Ok noted, Will leave all previous posts naming as is, for new apps announcement, apps name will be used.

For the Repo on modules, Any new updates and release will feature the new naming scheme.

I can do it, don’t worry

I like the idea to seperate NS7 and NS8.

I don’t like app. An app is something installed on a mobilephone. It’s something smal.

Application would be o.k. for me.

What about “Add-on”?

Bump, what is the actual outcome please?

It’s easier to understand for newbies. And actually we’re using it everywhere

I still don’t understand… Hence my request for clarity.

  • App.

I must have missed the very simple proven poll…