Holidays time, where are u going

Time to go tonight in holidays, the RV is quite ready but I still do not know really where I go. Corona time you know what I mean.

And you where are you going ?

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Nowhere. Not the nicest choice, but the safest, IMVHO. Still waiting for the 2nd shot.

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Ditto, nowhere. Stay at home dad :slight_smile:

ps. for you it is reletively easy @stephdl for France is a big country :slight_smile:

Finally I am in aragon (spain), I am going to picos de europas (asturias, spain).

You know what…you are never satisfied by what you have at home. Sometimes true also for your wife


Un saludo!

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Picos de europa, posada de valdéon

(Fun to write support during hiking)

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