Hetzner Vserver 1:1 Nat

NethServer Version: rc3
Module: net

Just to let people know it is nearely selfsuicide for an unroutined server admin like me to get a reasonable and usable nethserver setup on Hetzner Vserver with 1:1 Nat. Would be nice to see kind anti-lockout mechanism for nethserver.


Hi Peter,
can you show your 1:1 configuration? So we can look through it
What do you mean with “anti-lockout mechanism” ?

I think he means that as soon you set the (single) network interface you have on a VPS as RED, you are locked out of the web administration interface (unless you allow access to it before setting as RED).

Shouldn’t you set it as GREEN if you only have 1 interface?

The Vserver has been reset as its too complicated to get nethserver to work on this kind of vps with only 1 network interface on local IP address and the standard 1:1 Nat setup that Hetzner provides.

Anti lockout would be a connectivity/services check routine that takes place before making changes/configs permanent to secure operation of the box.

Still not following, can you suggest something apply to NethSever? Or describe a specific scenario?

Just a way to set nethserver to test mode, if something does not work as expectet it reverts back to where it left. If all works as it is ment to, changes can be made permanent. A feature I have seen in csf firewall.

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