Help with setting up a Shared Addressbook for all our users

Hello @webtop_team,

We have a general email inbox our office uses for general mail. For this account I’ve renamed the WebTop addressbook to a new name called it ‘Office Addresses’. I’ve updated the sharing and added each of our office staff who use email. I’ve confirmed that each of our staff can see this new shared addressbook called ‘Office Addresses’.

  1. When I login using my account and look at addresses I see under ‘My categories’ my WebTop addressbook and our ‘Office Addresses’ addressbook. There are checkmarks beside each and my WebTop one has a (default) beside it. I would like to have our office addressbook as the default for each of our users? How do I do that? I can remove the (default) from my WebTop addressbook but how do I add the default to our Office Addressbook?
  2. I would also like to have only the Office Addressbook as the only option if possible. Do I delete the WebTop addressbook for each user? I don’t see a delete option to remove the WebTop addressbook?
  3. How do I have new email addresses added automatically to our Office Addressbook?
  4. What does removing the checkmark beside my WebTop addressbook do?

Thank you.


I’m doing more digging into my question and I see another post from 2019 that is related I think:

In this post I see mention of the default option not working with Shared Addressbooks. Is there a fix planned for this?

@support_team or @webtop_team or @lucag, perhaps you can assist with my questions.

Thank you.

Hi @greavette,

unfortunately it is not yet possible to set a shared address book as default as it is not possible to do it even on calendars.
We are going to do something for the future but not right away …

this is also not possible, each user must have at least one personal address book present.

the saving of each written email address is done only in the local webtop store (on its db) and proposed automatically as a completion of a recipient email address.
To save, not automatically, email addresses not present in the address book, this option exists:

I did not understand what you mean by this question … sorry :wink:

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Hello @lucag,

I very much appreciate your response…thank you!

Thank you for explaining the way global addressbooks work within WebTop. I hope my usecase is useful for your team to implement in a future update as I do see a global (office) addressbook as being very useful within an office setting. As it stands I do have an Office Addressbook now and will instruct our employees on how to move/save contacts into this addressbook for all to use.

As for my last question, I think a picture will help explain my question better. Under Addressbook I see the following:


The swaslab account is the email account we use as our general email and under this email account I’ve renamed the WebTop addressbook to Office Addressbook. This is shared and seen by all other users I’ve given access too. But what does the little slide switch do beside ‘My Categories’ and what does the checkboxes do? What changes when the slide switch is off or if the slide switch is on and the checkbox is off.

Thank you.

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The first slide switch next to “My categories” turns all the sections in that category on and off (personal sections in this case).
The checkbox next to the address book turns on and off only that particular address book.
Obviously if there is only one address book (as in your case) both switches have the same effect :wink:

In the presence of multiple sections it becomes useful, for example:


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Thank you @lucag for this reply.

Will users turning off their My Categories and thereby having their WebTop addressbook disabled mean that when they are writing an email and want to add a client from the global addressbook, because they disabled their My categories they will only see addresses from the Office (Global) addressbook?

I cannot get the Office (Global) addressbook to have (default) beside it. I have ensured that all our users turn off or disable their ‘My categories’ switch in hopes that any clients they add to emails will only be from the Office (Globa) addressbook. I’m hoping to better understand how addressbooks work with WebTop so I can ensure our office is using WebTop addresses and see all the clients they need to have access too.

Thank you.

No Charles, the switches only turn off the display of contacts on the interface of the Contacts module.
The effect is to no longer see the contacts contained and not to be able to find them with the quick search bar at the top.

When writing an email, the recipients’ email addresses are always searched in all address books (personal and shared) regardless of the status of their switches.

I hope I have explained better :wink:

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Ah ok! Now that makes sense. Thank you for this explanation. Much appreciated.

It’s hard to pick just one solution for this post as there is a lot of good information you’ve provided for me. But this information does help me and my office use global addressbooks within WebTop and hopefully will help others as well.

Thank you.

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