Help Join MAC to AD

I repeat: the best bet is to try to use ldap on NS to authenticate MAC

Good Lord.

Well, there’s always the option to fire up Zentyal 4 in a vm. lol!

again, you missed the point…
you’ve to start to think in an enterprise perspective…

in an enterprise, all clients are joined to an authentication server… auth is needed to give to all users access rights to network services (shares, internet access and so on)

OP wants mac being auth on NS… teorically speaking, even if mac is his boss one, every user created on NS can authenticate and use it.

For me , an AD ( active Directory ) is an implementation on a LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol :confused:

And Active Directory uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) versions 2 and 3, Microsoft’s version of Kerberos, and DNS. ( source wikipedia )

But I can’t tell more, effectively, I’n not a specialist in this domain :grin:

So @Paulo_Rodrigues, try this :smiley:

I tried Jim but didn’t work, I have access to everything except users.
The truth is I’m not a expert on mac and linux :weary:

does not exist any specialist nethserver can help in this situation?

What are the services you can access? The ressources are granted by ldap?
Look in the logs of the server, pehaps you can see a little footprint somewhere.

Finally, another link that coul help…

And tell us more about the NethServer

I already tried that link, I’m using the nethserver as “AD/DC” to join in the company that I work all the microsoft pc, and till now it’s ok they have (users, file shares, vpns, ftp) the only problem is the mac of my boss lol

Because he’s the boss, and you can’t pull out easily…

Suggest to install a Windows in a VM :worried:

Or with Parallele, Like this he will have a desktop for Work and a desktop for Homeuse.

Are you kidding?
The boss has a nac and you wnat him tovuse a Windows vm?

hheehhe yes Jim I think it’s not a good idea, Zamboni is right if I put a VM I think he kills me.

We don’t know anything about the NS AD configuration.
We don’t know anything about “I have access to everything except users”

We know that a Windows station work properly.
Even, you @zamboni , you affirm that’s not possible…

It’s time to think in other way to make the boss happy, isn’t it? :joy:

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lol I suppose :cold_sweat:

It’s the only Mac in the place, and you don’t know.

2 ways:

  • You suggest to the boss this alternative way, with a well balanced argumentation.
  • You suggest to the boss to buy a Mac for you to find a solution.

Without this, it’s a waste of time, for you, for him… And in busness, a waste of time is never good ! :smirk:

Jim, seriously…

Mac OSX can join an AD domain, but NS can’t act as an AD DC.

The only way to use NS as an auth server for OSX is LDAP…

you’d really start to think in a enterprise perspective… i.e. an environment where people use pc to work with, not to enjoy…

@Jim Jim: you have a mac… start testing, thank you
@Paulo_Rodrigues: forget about AD, go for LDAP…
@all: if anyone has an OSX, please start testing, thank you

"@Paulo_Rodrigues: forget about AD, go for LDAP… "

It is already with LDAP, and with that everything is fine, except the users, and the users were the main reason.

I know (read all the messages in this 3ad)…

OSX can auth against a LDAP server, so, this is the way