Help Join MAC to AD

Hi everyone,

I need to join a Mac to the AD of the nethserver, anyone already did that?
How I do this.


please be aware that NS is not an AD DC but a NT style DC

But is possible anyway?

I don’t know since I hate mac :smile:

I guess google can help you more than me

I know how to do it on linux, but it likely won’t work on mac

LOL I hate to but my boss love, and ids the only guy that have mac I already saw in google but don’t work.

If anyone installed the DC on mac please help, the problem that he is the boss :slight_smile:

OSX version?

yes it is

I rephrase my question:

which OSX version are you running?

good question I will see

Erm yosemite I think


I don’t do, because I don’t need an AD server at home…
But try this link:

you (apparentyl) missed a point: NS is NOT and AD server, so all the ADjoin* howtos will fail

BTW, in the page you linked, I read:

Incidentally, Thursby’s ADmitMac product, which is a commercial Open Directory plug-in for both NT domains and Active Directory

so OP should take a look at that plugin (commercial-> $money)

finally, the page you linked is 11 years old: in IT, this is almost a geological era. :wink:

So what you said it is not possible to join a mac to the DC nethserver??


I’m saying that:

  • NS is a NT style domain controller (PDC)
  • all howtos related to AD joining will fail because of the reason above
  • I don’t know OSX
  • you need to find an howto or a plugin to make things work
  • looks like Apple dropped smb client support in its OS, recreating a custom smb client… it means that probably you won’t be able to make things work in an easy way

Yes that why I create this topic to see if anyone already did.

Yes, a Mac is able to join a NT domain

I doubt… NT domain is quite old and (almost) unsupported and there’s no interest in implementing a M$ (old) feature on OSX

your best bet is to try to install samba and samba-client (see for example and try to use it

or, in another perspective, you’d forgot about M$ style domain joining and start thinking about ldap auth against NS’ ldap

in any case, google is the only way

trying to help you I found many questions just like yours in official mac/apple support forums… NO ONE had never had an answer… ROTFL…


In all link I can read “it’s easier that you think”:wink:

Jim… which part of “NS is NOT and Active Directory server” don’t you like?

Sorry Stefano… I don’t understand well what you ask for?

I understand that Nethserver offer an AD service like a NT domain.
I see that a Mac can join a NT Domain.

I you ask why I don’t use… Because I don’t need this system, I use the •nix way to connect my Mac to Nethserver :smiley: