Google Summer of Code 2019

(Filippo Carletti) #1

We would like to have some students to develop NethServer, this summer.
We already had some “local” students in the past, but this year we hope to go through GSoC ( to widen the base.
I’d like to focus on the “school” theme: students working on a distribution used by schools, students developing the tools that they use, one of the core concepts of software development (the itch to scratch).

@dev_team will list project development ideas on a dedicated page.

I’m looking for help to fill in the application form. I’ve copied the questions in GSoC website form to the following document, and I wrote my notes:

Is anyone interested in helping me with the answers? There’s a limit of 1000 chars per answer.
If you volunteer to be a mentor, please join this thread.

The deadline is February 6, 2019 at 21:00 (Central European Standard Time)

Nethserver-portainer needs testers AND ideas :D
(Davide Principi) #2

Some ideas for projects:

  • NS modules for schools maintenance / creation (Savapage, Moodle, …)
  • CentOS storage SIG build system for AD (AD is widespread in schools too)
  • UI programming (Cockpit)

@filippo_carletti, do you have a template to submit the project proposals?

(HF) #3

@filippo_carletti, just as a tip.

If you add " ‘simpleSignUpLink.shown’ => false, " then you don’t get that commercial offers link to in your downloadlink pages.


(Stéphane de Labrusse) #4

This is the exact continuation of my talk and my involvement in this community, make growing the community of developers.

I will try to have a go tonight, you could count on me to be a mentor

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #5

How will you help your students stay on schedule to complete their projects?

  • Following them closely, the student will be in touch all along their sprints by a team chat instance, allowing them to ask and receive immediate support(the Timezone is Italia).
  • Setting well defined targets in accordance with the student’s skills and affinities.
  • Splitting ambitious projects in smaller chunks following the agile methods.

How will you get your students involved in your community during GSoC?

Our community is inclusive and friendly, we do have the culture of mutual help and we encourage people to be involved. The nethserver community is organised by teams project (supports, translations, developers, educations), the student will be accompanied in his learning curve.

(Rob Bosch) #6

Great initiative. I hope our @education_team (don’t hesitate to reply in this thread if you want to help) wants to help applying and organizing this major opportunity for the NethServer project.
It is important to get our goals presented well motivated with the application…

(Davide Principi) #7

This is the web site link

Please provide more ideas by opening a PR!

(Rob Bosch) #8

Aplication deadline is tomorrow Feb 6th 21:00 CET (see
We will have to hurry if we want in…

(Filippo Carletti) #9

I’ve completed the application for NethServer. We have time to adjust details until tomorrow evening (CET).
We should improve the project ideas page.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #10

How will you keep students involved with your community after GSoC?

We want first to create a sane friendship relation in both ways, we hope they will feel attached to their project and will desire to continue to support it. We have a strong culture of free software development, our developers are deeply seeded inside open source, this will be for the students a huge experience to realise how the development interfere with a community and how their code can bring positive changes for non profits or educational associations.

(Davide Principi) #11

The application form was already sent! Now PRs for new project ideas and to fix existing ones are welcome :wink:

(Filippo Carletti) #12

[quote=“stephdl, post:10, topic:11891”]
We want first to create a sane friendship relation in both ways, we hope they will feel attached to their …[/quote]

Thanks @stephdl, I’ve updated the application.

(Filippo Carletti) #13

I just received the following “refusal” email:

Thank you for applying to be a Google Summer of Code 2019 mentor organization. Sadly, we were unable to accept NethServer this year. We had many more applications than available slots. We hope you will apply again in the future!

(HF) #14

New opportunity next year!

(Rob Bosch) #15

That’s too bad… it could have been a huge boost for external devs to work on our project…
Let’s try again next year… and maybe prepare a bit more thorough…

(HF) #16

The GSC 2020 will be announced somewhere mid November 2019.

(Alessio Fattorini) #17

That’s a pity. Thanks for trying out.