GLPI 10 - trying fresh install

Hi, trying to install but when I visit the page /glpi it says I have Selinux disabled, and that it must be on for GLPI to work.

Anyone else?

Dear all,

The problem here was related to PHP.
There are two instructions, one on the Wiki and one here in the forums provided by @stephdl
The one in the forums install the latest while the one in the wiki has this particular problem.


I found an issue with GLPI10, the lack of compatible plugin hence I removed it from my repos for now, I should rename it to nethserver-glpi10 if I would like to release it

relative to your SELINUX disabled it is the whole distro which is SELINUX disabled hence not in my hand, but you are the first to speak of this, so I have no idea now what is your concern, could you show us some screenshot

Sorry @stephdl like I said, I fixed it by installing your own version, it seems the wiki installs 1.0.6 and in the forums you released 1.0.8

[link] Glpi-10 needs testers

Thank you!